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TP 7
Elem - A1 level


In this lesson SS will practice listening and vocabulary through a set of listening activities. They will learn the meaning form and pronunciation of each word in the context of a days work and they will practice the skill of listening for gist, specific information and details.


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Main Aims

  • Listening for gist, specific information and details in the context of all in a days work.

Subsidiary Aims

  • SS will understand specific vocabulary from the audio clip relating to the context of the lesson


Engage SS in context of the lesson (5-6 minutes) • set the context

Write on the WB Ask SS "Do you work?" Write three questionson WB "Where do you work?" "How do you get there?" "What do you do?" "Answer these questions in pairs." SS answer discuss in pairs.

Vocabulary (8-9 minutes) • Teach SS the necessary vocabulary to understand and complete the exercises

put SS in pairs Show image on WB of a meeting. ask SS what its called. Write the correct word next to the picture. ask SS to answer. (demo with hand out) "Match the pictures with the words" CCQ "are you going to write?" "Check answers with your partner" Put the answers key on the WB board. include stress and nound Choral drill slowly and clearly, women only, men only.

Gist listening (7-9 minutes) • SS listen for gist.

show the image of the Frank, Liz and Janet. "Who is this? whats his name?" "Where is he?" "is he inside?" "is he outside?" "And what are their names"? "Where are they?" "Now I want you to listen, and tell me, what is Franks problem?" ICQ "What are you going to listen for?" Play recording "What is franks problem?" "do you want to listen again?" Take FB

Specific detail listening (6-7 minutes) • SS practice listening for specific infromation.

"Now, I want you to listen again and complete these sentences" Demo, write first sentence on the WB, play the first segment of the recording and ask the SS to answer. question 1 Provide hand out. monitor the class, make sure everyone is on task. Give FB with answeres on the WB

Detail listening task (7-8 minutes) • Check how much the SS have membered through the previous listening activities.

Put SS into groups of 4-5 "Now read these sentences" "Who said each sentence? Frank, Janet or Liz?" Complete question 1 with the SS on the WB (Write the names on the board but don't play the audio) Do error correction for each group as they work on the task "Now listen again and check your answers" Write the answer key on the board when they finish.

Extra activity (5-6 minutes) • SS practice writing

"Now write a short paragraph for each of these" write on board "A time you were late" "A time you forgot something" "A time you did something wrong at work" "discuss your answers in your groups"

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