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-ed and -ing adjectives
elemantary level


Abc Fill in Gap
Abc gap filling hand out
Abc gap filling hands out

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of ed and ing adjective in the context of feelings

Subsidiary Aims

  • integrated skill


warmer (1-3 minutes) • to engage students and pre-teach vocabulary

In this part , I will show them two emojis; one is happy and one is sad .After I'll ask them to make a facial expression like the emojis then I will introduce the aim of the lesson .I will ask the class what the lesson is about and elicit from the class .

pre-teaching vocabulary (5-6 minutes) • teach the adjectives

To teach the vocabulary , students will be paired and they'll look at the pictures around the class .Then, each pair will be given a hand out to go around the class in pairs and match the words with the pictures .The answer key will be given to them to check their answers .Next , I'll ask CCQs but if the students do not know a word I will elicit it plus drilling pronunciation .Then the student will do the gap filling activity to make sure that they have learned the meaning .for further practice ,they will do ex.1 .they listen to the audio to check answers and also they check them with their partners.then they will check it with their answer keys .

Grammar presentation (5-10 minutes) • clarify the the difference between -ing adj and -ed adj

An illustration will be drawn on the WB for students to clarify the differences of -ing and -ed adj. Meanwhile, the form will be elicited from students by asking CCQs .

Grammar practice 1 (5-7 minutes) • practice the grammar

After grammar presentation students need to practice to find out whether they have learned or not . students will do ex.1 .I will model the first exercise .After they are done, they'll check it in pairs .Students will write the answers on the board .As a feed back I will let them correct their mistakes if they could not then I'll ask CCQs again .

Grammar practice 2 (5-10 minutes) • listening

this time students will fill in the gaps in ex.4 on their own .they listen to audio to check their answers with their partners .they practice the dialogues in pairs .after , I will line them to practice the dialogue with a partner mean while I will check what their errors are . in the feed back ,I will right their error on the board and ask them to correct themselves .

freer practice (5-10 minutes) • further practice

Students will play a guessing game .As an instruction ,I will model a job and make them guess my job by using - ed and -ing adjectives .Students will work in pairs and guess the jobs .

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