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Intermediate level


Getting students to practise speaking though reviweing their favourite book, movie or play.


Main Aims

  • My main aim for the lesson will be lexis, in particular adjective for extremes. This will be used to practise the skill of pronouciation all set in the context of reviews e.g. a movie/book etc,

Subsidiary Aims

  • My sub aim of my lesson is speaking. Using the context of "reviews" They will be given tasks that will help them practice the sub skill of fluency.


Lead in (7-7 minutes) • To introduce the students and create a personal interest in the context

Firstly to set the context for the lesson and to spark Ss personal interest I will give them each a list of activities and ask them to order them, from the things they never do to things they often do. ICQ- if I go to the cinema every week where will it go on this scale? Give Ss 3minutes, ask them if, before they ever go to these places do they ever read about them 1st? In what context?... elicit the word "review". CCQ- can you review a resturant?

Introducing vocabulary (7-7 minutes) • Using guided discovery ask Ss to match up picture with related vocabulary that will help with the speaking task later

Tell the Ss you have four pictures of a few of the different activities, ask them to match the pictures with words that relate to those pictures. In groups give them 4 minutes, explain that some words could go for both and the ones they are not sure of just to leave. Get students to peer check the other groups answers. Monitor Ss and help with any vocabulary that they seem to be unfamiliar with.

Lexis (10-10 minutes) • Using guided discovery the Ss will read for TL- extreme adjectives

Explain to Ss you are going to give them a few short paragraphs of reviews people have written, ask them to pic out the underlined adjectives and, in pairs, put them in the correct section according to their meanings (very good, Very bad, Funny etc). Working in pairs using guided discovery will increase STT

Controlled speaking (11-11 minutes) • Get the students using the new vocabulary in a controlled spaking activtity

Find a movie, book, or play that everybody has seen preferably Turkish so that I can bring in some culture. Using the target language write a review together on the board, help if needed but mainly elicit. (short sentences) and drill the pronunciation (as W/C and in sections) also showing where the stresses are. This will target their sub skill of speaking for accuracy.

freer speaking (10-10 minutes) • get the students to apply everything they have learnt

link in with the task at the beginning Everybody think of an activity, book or movie that they have recently seen or done, by choosing their own film it will bring more cultural elements into it. Give students a list of questions they must answer in pairs e.g. did you like it or not? its strong points and its bad points... Encourage them to use the TL & to think of more of their own questions. Think about grouping, try and group strong and weak Ss together so they can peer teach if they have any trouble. This task will help them practice the sub skill of speaking for fluency. Listen to the Ss if u hear any incorrect or any good sentences make note.

Lexis game (0-0 minutes) • Apply lexis whilst speaking

If there is still time at the end of the lesson I will a group game in class to review the lexis they have learnt. In a circle I will give the an example of the rules which are as follows; (the story telling game) start by saying "I went to the cinema yesturday and the film i saw was"... (must beggin with A) "amazing". *repeat 1st sentence + amazing*, then the next student must add an adjective but beggining with B e.g. boring... and so on. ICQ; So can the 2nd Ss say something beginning with A?

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