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Principles and methodology of translation
Pre intermediate level


In this lesson, we want to learn about the variety of the dictionary and its proper use, and the grammar of classification and the leveling of the dictionary, as well as finding a word and the way of meaning.


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Main Aims

  • To provide speaking about type of dictionaty

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice about new vocabulary


Warmer/lead in (5-8 minutes) • Create creativity and translate alone

At the beginning of this lesson, I will take a small exam for students to determine their level, to find out how to teach them my lesson and try to teach them quickly.

Pre speaking (7-9 minutes) • Targeted learning and learning through collective conversation

I want my students to discuss with each other the methods they have used to find new meanings so that they can stand up each other and present their ways to friends and get a series of general information with each other's knowledge.

Speakink for accuracy (10-12 minutes) • Pay attention to the details when they are looking for something

In this section, I turn students into groups of two or three, and I want them to be careful about everything, and what they are basically found in the dictionary, they will discuss each other and group up and share their information with others.

Post speaking (6-8 minutes) • Enhance student information

In this section, I will also enter into discussions and try to complete their information, and I would like to ask you to use online dictionaries and explain them to the classification of different dictionary types.

Extra activity (7-9 minutes) • Increase vocabulary

I have questions and exercises that I want from my students to do the exercises using the dictionary and we try to choose the right answer.

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