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007 James Bond
Elementary level


In this lesson,the main aim is reading which is about the life of James Bond.As lead-in,the students will share their favourite type of movies.Then,they will learn some new vocabulary related to the story they will read afterwards.By the end of the lesson,I will teach Yes/No Questions in Past Simple.Maybe as post-reading,I may come up with a discussion about their interest on the movies or the type of movies.


Main Aims

  • To read for gist to answer the comprehension questions and find the best title to the story.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice in yes/no quesitons in the past.Also,to learn new vocabulary.


Warmer/Lead in (4-6 minutes) • To set the context and engage students,set up pairs for the coming group activities.

Ask students who likes watching films?,what is your favourite film? and which actor or actress do you like most?Elicit the answers of their favourite films and actors and stick the type of movies to the board. -Divide the group into two.Ask them ,as a group,What is your favouriye type of movie?choose one and come and take it from the board.Elicit the answers from one student in each group why they chose it.

Pre-reading part (5-8 minutes) • To prepare students for reading text.

-The teacher randomly sticks some pictures and the matching words to the board then she says students to stand up and match the words with the pictures. -After matching ,elicit the words and give the stress of the words. -Say the students that it will be a pair work,they will watch a video about a film and they will be expected to answer 2 questions after watching the video. ICQs-Are we watching .......? yes Are we working individually? no as a pair. Why are we watching the video?to answer 2 questions. -Questions are:1)What's the type of the movie? 2)What's the name of the movie you think?-----Watch the video. -Before eliciting,say them to peer-check ang give feedback.

While-Reading. (8-10 minutes) • Students read for gist to find the best title and to read for specific information to answer the questions.

-Teacher leads students to the reading passage.But before she chests the handout and says we are going to read a text on James Bond.But before reading,look at the-what's the best title? part ICQs -Are we reading first? no -What are we doing first?Looking at the titles. -After reading eliciting the different answers from the students and don't approve at first and ask the reasons why they chose this or that. -Teacher says that look the comprehension questions and then as pairs read the passage again to answer the questions. ICQs -Are we reading alone?no -Are we reading first?no -What are we doing first?looking at the questions. Elicit the answers and give feedback.

Grammar focus. (8-11 minutes) • To provide the clarification and practice for yes/no questions in past simple.

-Elicit one affirmative and one negative sentence from the text and ask students are they negative or affirmative and why. -Then ask sts how they can do a question sentence. -Elicit the answers and write them to the board to review the target language. -Give the sts handout or the exercise phase, -Work with your partner and do only the first part.discuss it with your partner. -Teacher elicits the ideas and lead the students into the second activity in HO which is about yes/no questions. -Give them five minutes to fill in the blanks and swap their sits to discuss their answers with the others as a peer-check. -For early finishers ,hand out another worksheet which is about turning the positivi past simple sentences into negative. -Elicit the answers and give FB if necessary.

Post-Reading (9-11 minutes) • To recycle the vocabulary they learnt in the pre-reading section.

-On the board draw a grid with 4squares and in each square right the first letter of one of the 4 words you chose to teach. -Divide the class into two teams and assign the symbols one team :0/ second team: X -Choose one team to go first.They choose a letter( enough to say the letter) teacher gives the definition or the synonym of the letter.Any person from any team can answer to win the square. -The team that wins the teacher puts their symbol in to square. -If we have time ,the students as pairs will write sentences by using these words into their sentences as pairs.

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