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In this lesson, the learners will learn about using demonstrative determiners effectively.


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Main Aims

  • By the end of this lesson,learners will be able to effectively use demonstrative determiners in their daily lives.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To develop the learners' skills of listening for gist and detailed specific information using a text about at the airport in the context of travel
  • To ensure that the learners are pronouncing this,that,these and those correctly.


Lead In (2-3 minutes) • To generate learners interest to the topic and activate SS pre- existing knowledge

T elicits information from the students by asking the following questions. Do you travel a lot? Where do you go? Do you travel to other countries or around Turkey ? For example France or here in Ankara. What do you usually take? Ss respond 'Bags, Sunglasses, Cellphone, Books, laptop, etc" WG answer back.

Lead In (2-3 minutes) • to the recording task and to provide practice in predicting content

T projects the picture and ask the following questions ,subsequently elicits informatio, "What are these people's name? Where are they? What are they all carrying? Are they the same or different? T: "Look at the picture again. With your partner talk about what can be a problem in this picture?" ICQ: T asks, "Are you talking or writing?" T arranges class with their partners and listens in to check if Ss are on task. Feedback will be peer checking and WG feedback. The three bags look the same.Rob and Kate think they've got wrong bags

Recording 1 (3-4 minutes) • to provide the Ss practise in listening for gist and improving their listening skills

T :'Now,listen to the recording and with your partner answer this question,'Which bag is Rob's? Is it A,B,C? T plays the recording. Ss discusses with their partners, T moves around the class and listens in on their conversation T asks,'Which bag is Rob's? Rob's bag is Bag A. Feedback: Peer check and T ask the whole class.

Recording 2 (4-5 minutes) • to provide practice opportunitiy to listen in for specific details.

T: Holds exercise 3C hand out and says ' Listen to the recording again. Work with your partner and circle the correct answer . ICQ= Are you working alone or with a partner? T then distributes the hand out, gives them a minute to read and plays the recording again. Ss carries on with the activity and the T monitors for guidance. Stopping the activity:T rings the bell Feedback:Teacher gives correct answers to 3 Ss and let them read out to the class.

Drilling (5-6 minutes) • to assist the learners to understand the meaning of this,that,those,these

T writes this, that, these and those on the whiteboard and demonstrates the meaning of the language by using practical examples while eliciting information from the Ss, and encourages the Ss to repeat after her. T points to a pen and says,'This is my pen.' CCQ= Is it near or far ? Ss replies, "Near" T: " Point to a pen close to you and repeat after me, "This is my pen." T puts the pen far from her and says 'That is my pen'. CCQ=Is it near or far from me? Ss answers and says, "Far" T:" Point to a pen far from you and repeat after me,"That is my pen." These are my pens. CCQ= Is it one or two pens ? Ss answers, "Two pens" T: " Point to pens close to you and repeat after me, "These are my pens." Those are my pens. CCQ= Are they near or far? Ss answers and says, "Far" T: " Point to pens that are far from you and repeat after me, "Those are my pens." T nominates Ss for individual drilling at random.

Recording 3 (5-6 minutes) • reinforcing the Ss understanding of the grammar point

T : Holds the handout "Look at exercise 3D. T points at exercise 3D and says "Listen to the recording again.Then do exercise 3D write in the missing words with this or these that, those. ICQ: Are you writing or talking? Ss responds and say 'writing'. ICQ: Are you working alone or with a partner? SS responds,' Alone' T circulates the handout. SS continue with the exercise individually while the T monitors progress. Feedback: Ss check answers with their peers.

Checking meaning (5-6 minutes) • to check understanding of the meaning of this,that, these,those

T: 'Look at exercise 3E,' pointing at exercise 3E, Working with your partner Choose and write in the correct answer in the empty spaces from, this, that, these, those under the picture below. T arranges Ss to work in pairs T handouts the exercise 3E. ICQ. Are you working alone or with a partner? Ss responds, "With a partner" SS complete the pics with this, that, these, that while T monitors progress and understanding. Feedback: Ss work in Pairs and check answers posted on the wall. T: 'Answer sheet on the wall, take turn to check for an answer,one learner checks one answer, report to their partner.

Pronunciation (5-6 minutes) • To ensure that the Ss are pronouncing this,these,those and that.

T writes on the board, this,these,that,those. T asks the WG to pronounce the words then nominates individual learners to pronounce the words. T Models the pronunciation, demonstrates the short /I/ bringing hands together and rounding lips and dropping the jaw, and the long /i:/ sound by saying it,while stretching the mouth into a smile while widening the hands using this, these. Continues modelling that and those. SS to repeat after her. T says "This" and says "Together" using gestures to prompt learners T demonstrates with gestures and says "These" and says "Together" using gestures to prompt learners. T then drills individually and nominates 5 Ss.

Controlled Practice (5-6 minutes) • to reinforce the language use and offer more opportunities for practise.

T holds a key and asks, ' What's this in English? Elicit answers from the Ss. Ss respond,'It's a key'. What is that in English? It's a white board. What are those in English? They're windows. T arranges the class into two groups, by dividing the class in half, Group A and Group B. Gives them numbers A1-A5,B1-B5. 1 point for each correct answer. T will put appropriate items. For group A put laptop, bag, keys, books,/ watch, camera, sunglasses, toothbrushes. T will guide the groups through the activity,"A1 will ask B1,"What is this in English", Then T ask if group A ,Is he correct then allocates a point for group B. then B2 will ask A2,"What is that in English? A2 answers, then B3 ask a question, "What are these in English" A3 answers the question. B4 will ask, "What are those in English" then A4 will answer. The team with the most points wins. Ss continues with the activity and T monitors the progress of the activity and keeps the score on the board. The team with the most points wins.

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