Luis Luis

ConnectEd Assessment class
Intermediate - B2 (?) level


In this class, I will use Linguaskill business tests to assess one student.


Main Aims

  • To assess the student's current skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To figure out the student's strengths and weaknesses with the language.


Listening test (30-43 minutes) • To assess the student's listening skills.

Go throug it. - Check that the student can properly hear the audios. - Instructions are vague. Expand on what needs to be done when necessary. - Make sure student knows what the questions are asking for in terms of an aswer.

Reading test (30-43 minutes) • To assess the student's reading skill

Go through it. - Skip the free writing text, it might be too confusing.

Writing test (45-60 minutes) • To assess the student's writing skill

Go through it. - Test has 2 parts, very IELTS-like - First part is easy. Word count is 50, which is fine. Help with ideas on what to reply if necessary (preferably, communicate these ideas in Spanish) - Second part is iffy. Remove 180 word count on that topic. Help understanding the task. If it gets too hard, skip the part.

Speaking test (15-20 minutes) • To assess the student's speaking skill

Nothing to go through. - Conduct a test disguised as regular conversation at the end of the writing test. - Ask the following: How did you feel about the test? Have you ever done X? (present the hypothetical scenarios in the other tests) - Stretch the conversation until its natural conclusion (do not put student on the spot by having him expand on EVERYTHING)

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