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What's in your bag?
Beginner level


In this lesson students will learn vocabulary and plural form of words related to things that we put into bags. We will begin by identifying objects taken from the bag. Students will then work in pairs to identify the objects with each other. After that students will switch pairs and complete the handout (Touchstone SB, unit 2 lesson B, example 1).


Abc Bag of everyday items
Abc object names on paper
Abc Ex. 1 handout

Main Aims

  • To present and practice forming singular and plural nouns in the context of everyday objects.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To present and practice vocabulary related to everyday objects, such as those we carry in our bag (cell phone, wallet...)


Lesson outline/warmup (10 minutes) • get students familiar with the context of the lesson

Write brief outline of lesson on WB Title: what's in your bag? Plural: one, more than one. I will begin by taking out the bag of every day items. One-by-one I will remove them and elicit the names of the objects. Rather than tell them the names, I will ask what the objects are. If it is clear that I need to give them the word, I will say the word slowly and see if any stronger students know it but just couldn't remember on their own. I'll write the names on the WB as we come up with them.

Matching (10 minutes) • Practicing vocabulary

Put students into pairs. Give each pair pieces of paper with the objects written on them. Show an object and have students stand and say the word and stick the paper ti the WB. Once all papers are on the board, get the class to repeat them together one more time.

Handout (10 minutes) • Students will practice use of a/an

In new pairs, the students will fill out the handout. They will determine whether to use a or an when using the vocabulary words they have just learned. Explain when we use a and when we use an (vowel/consonant in first letter of next word) Give students an explanation of the handout and that they will be using the given vocabulary words to match with a/an. Monitor progress and check answers. Get each pair to say aloud the sentence "this is a ________ ; this is an___________"

Plurals (15 minutes) • teach students to use plural forms of the vocabulary words

Elicit the difference between a pen and pens. Write on WB, emphasize s at end of pens. Explain that there are different forms of plurals. Write chart on WB. Pen - s Table - s Watch - es Brush - es Dictionary - ies City - ies child - en man - en woman - en

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