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Upper-Intermediate level


In thıs lesson students wıll contınue to ımprove theır readıng skılls ın the context of male and female dıfferences. The lesson starts wıth the discussion about housewives, followed by pre-reading prediction of a title based on the picture. Then sts read the text and mark TRUE/FALSE sentences. This is followed by 1 or 2 free speaking practice activities.


Abc oral story
Abc Lead-in questions
Abc pıctures

Main Aims

  • To provide gist,scan and detailed reading practice in the context of an article about housewives

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide free speaking practice for fluency in the context of an article about housewives.


Lead-in (3-6 minutes) • to set the context

a)Ask sts the following questions and elicit the word "housewife": "What did u do this morning?Did you have breakfast?Did you do the washing up after breakfast?What do we call women doing housework in their homes?" b)Tell sts to discuss in pairs the two questions on WB: "Are most of the women you know housewives or do they go out to work?Who do you think are happier- housewives or the women who go out to work?" While getting fb ask a question "Do the working women desperately want to work or they just need it for money?" in order to introduce "desperately" (will be used in titles).

Pre-reading (3-5 minutes) • to introduce the reading material

Chest the material and give sts instructions to think about and discuss in pairs the picture and a probable title of the text.Ask ICQs.Get fb. Questions to be asked: "What are the man and woman doing?How do you think they are feeling?Are they happy?Why?or Why not?" .

while-reading stage for gist (5-6 minutes) • to provide practice of gist reading

Ask sts to unfold the text, read it and check whether they were right about the title. Ask ICQs, set the time 3 min.Get the fb, Try to use the word "relevant" to familiarise sts with it as it'll be needed in speaking practice.Tell sts to check answers with their partners.

while-reading for specific information (10-13 minutes) • to provide practice for scanning and intensive reading

Ask some sts change their seats.Give sts instructions to read the text again to mark sentences on the hand outs as TRUE or FALSE.Ask ICQs.Deliver the hand outs.Set the time for reading-5 min. Monitor sts as there can be vocabulary problems.Tell sts to check their answers with their partners.While getting the feedback ask more questions on the context, ask sts to explain their answer by reading the relevant piece of the text. Tell sts they can check the right answers again on the piece of paper on the wall later.

post-reading (10-12 minutes) • to provide free speaking practice for fluency

Tell sts to discuss their answer to questions on the hand outs in pairs. Ask ICQs, deliver hand-outs.While getting fb ask partners about each other's opinion and write down some of the major mistakes sts are making. Write wrong sentences containing sts' errors on WB and tell them to identify mistakes.

extra speaking activity (8-12 minutes) • to provide more free speaking practice

Tell sts a story about a friend who called yesterday to ask for advice.Use images to illustrate the story. "A friend of mine,Leyla,called me yesterday. She is in trouble and asked me for advice. The thing, when she had a baby 3 years ago she had to leave her job. Recently she decided to get back to her job as she was very bored at home and felt unhappy Although her husband Umit would rather she stayed at home, he didn't want her to remain unhappy and promised to help with the housework so that she could resume her work.So, 3 months ago she went back to her job and sent her son to childcare center. But the problem is she is now exhausted!After work she has to do the housework and doesn't have any time to spend with her son, who often gets sick and lost some weight.Umit is terrible at housework and can't cook. So now she's asking for advice- should she quit her job or not?" Divide sts in 2 groups, tell one group discuss advantages, the other- disadvantages of quitting the job. Get fb. Ask sts their personal opinions as to what Leyla should do.

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