Rezvaneh Rezvaneh

pre-internediate level


In this lesson, the students learn some vocabulary items and collocations about "getting a job" based on reading a text about getting a job. The lesson starts with some questions about this topic. Then the students should match the questions and answers on page 119. Then there is some controlled practice and a speaking activity.


Abc Cutting Edge textbook, PowerPoint Presentation, Games

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of job-related vocabulary items and collocations in the context of getting a job based on a reading text.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of 1st and 2nd conditional sentences.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

The lesson will be started by asking some questions about "getting jobs".

Test #1 (8-10 minutes) • To gauge students' prior knowledge of the target language

Some questions are shown on the board and the students should answer them.

Teach (15-20 minutes) • To clarify areas of the target language where students had difficulty in the first test stage

The students will be asked to do match questions and answers on page 119 > reading activity. Then vocabulary items will be presented and the meanings will be elicited.

Test #2 (8-10 minutes) • Check students' use of the target language again and compare with the first test

The students should match the vocabulary items in pairs. The items will be checked later.

controlled practice (5-7 minutes) • To facilitate the use of vocabulary items

The students are divided into two groups and they will play a game.

free practice (8-10 minutes) • To personalize the language

Some questions are asked based on the IELTS test and the students should use the new vocabulary items to answer them

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