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Functional Language: Main Aim Reading: Sub Aim Speaking: Topic Good Deeds
B2 level


To give sts practice in reading for gist and specific information. Read an articles about people who have performed good deeds and learn new vocabulary. Create an atmosphere for a good discussion and speaking practice.


Abc Hand-outs

Main Aims

  • Give sts practice in readimg for gist and specific information/general understanding

Subsidiary Aims

  • Develop oral fluency on the topic and create opportunity to personalise the topic


Lead in / Building Context - (5-5 minutes) • Activate St's interest in the existing knowledge of the topic

T. Place pictures of the following 3 people: Mother Teresa Nelson Mandela Ghandi Ask the sts if they know who they are and what they have in common. Open the floor for discussion and get opinions. Skew the discussion towards selfless and altruistic acts.

Prediction task (1-2 minutes) • Encourage the Sts to predict the topic

T. ask Sts to predict the task they are about to read.

Pre-main task: Sts read small text with a topic similar to main task (8-10 minutes) • Pre-teach by giving a read task related to the main task. Activate the Sts interest.

T. 1'st Hand out to Sts. Howard Drew, Li Ka Shing. Assign Task: Exercise 1 Read the text and decide who is more generous. Explain your reasons. Read individually but discuss in pairs. T. While discussing, write on the board: Altruism. (noun) Altruistic. (adjective) Discuss Altruism, give the definition. 'Thinking or behaving in a way that shows you care about other people more than yourself.' Give example of 'alice' who worked every weekend in the suicide help-line. PW. Then Ask Sts to give personal examples of altruism. CCQ. 'Am I willing to put someone else's interests before my own?' PW Ask sts. to describe people in the example: Selfless, kind, humane, considerate, unselfish, thoughtful. As a Group: Feedback, share among the group.

While Reading: Main task: Read for gist (5-7 minutes) • Encourage sts to read for gist

T. Write on board: 'Why are Humans Good!' Sts. Discuss for 1 minute. T. Give Handout text. Task 2: Read the article and choose the best summary. (Gist). 3 Minutes. Answer is 3. 'Humans have evolved to behave in an altruistic way'.

While Reading: Main task: skimming (10-12 minutes) • Encourage sts to read text for skimming

Task 3. Read the text again, and complete it with the following sentences in 1-6. Exercise 3. Review answers in PW. Discuss as group. Answers: a) 3 b) 2 c) 6 d) 4 e) 5 f) 1 Do you agree with these arguments. Discuss in PW.

Post Reading task (10-10 minutes) • Develop oral fluency, provide opportunity to personalise the topic

T. PW. Give Sts a question, one for each group. Discuss in PW. Discuss as a group after PW.

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