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International food, Ordering food in a restaurant
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson students learn how to order food in a restaurant . They will be able to tell the waiter how they want their dishes to be prepared. They also will be able to differentiate between a main dish, a side dish and an appetizer. The receptive skill of listening will be followed by some controlled and freer practice to enable students speak about what they have learnt.


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Main Aims

  • Listening: (Receptive phase) Ordering International food in restaurants ,mentioning how they want their dishes prepared( such as: grill, slice, etc) as main dish,side dish and appetizer courses. Listening for gist and listening for details will be my sub-skills.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary and Speaking: Be able to talk about International food while ordering food .Be specific about how they want their food prepared as main dish, side dish and appetizer courses.


Icebreaker (4-6 minutes) • Pre-Listening: Brainstorming through activating schemata

Show a picture ( PPT) of different international foods. Ask ss in groups to guess where these foods are from. Ss write the initials on sticky labels and come stick them to the board and then as WC feedback say where they think the food is from.

Stage 1- Matching activity (4-6 minutes) • Pre-teaching vocabulary as a pre-listening

Give HOs .Ask ss in pairs to match the words with their definitions. Ask them to check with other pairs.Words will be: main dish, side dish, appetizer, bake, boil, fry, grill, raw, steam. AKs on the wall.

Stage 2-While -listening (6-8 minutes) • Gist- listening

Ss listen to the audio. HOs given. Ask ss to fold them, and look at part A.They have to check the correct picture. Which food has been mentioned (a or b )? Check with their pairs.Listen again . Check. WC feedback if needed.

Stage 3- While-listening (6-8 minutes) • Listening for specific information

Listen again . Look at the other side of the folded HOs. What do people order? A main dish, a side dish, or an appetizer. Check the correct answers. Mingle and check. Listen again and check.WC feedback.

Stage 4-While- listening (6-8 minutes) • Listening for specific information

Give groups some cut-ups. Ask groups to put them in correct order to make a sentence. Check with other groups.Listen to the CD. Stick the cut-ups on colorful papers. Check with other groups. Stick them on the board. The functions related to ordering food are: Would you like.....? How about....? May I take your order? What kind of.......?

Stage 5-Post -Listening (7-9 minutes) • Produce the language taught

Ask ss to imagine they are in a restaurant . In groups of three, one of them a waiter and the other two customers, they have to practice ordering food in a restaurant. They use the sentences made in the previous stage( stuck on the board).

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