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Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students will review the meaning and use of for and since in present perfect sentences.


Abc For and Since Worksheet
Abc Find Someone Who

Main Aims

  • Grammar: Review and practice meaning and form of for and since in the context of life experiences and daily life experiences

Subsidiary Aims

  • Practice of productive skills: speaking and writing in the present perfect tense


Lead-in; Presentation of Meaning (3-5 minutes) • To elicit for and since from the students

The teacher tells the students when he came to Istanbul, and asks them to count how many days he has lived there. If the students don't produce the sentences correctly, the teacher writes a prompt on the board and asks the students to complete it.

Controlled Practice (Sorting Game) (8-10 minutes) • To reinforce students understanding of the meanings of for and since

The teacher splits the class into two teams and each team into two sub-teams. The teacher provides each main team with a set of time expressions and asks one sub-team to sort expressions that take for and the other sub-team sorts the expressions that take since. The teacher monitors the game and makes notes of problematic time expressions. Once done, the teacher gives each sub-team an answer key to check their answers. If a sub-team misses one or more time expressions, they should go find it with the other sub team. Time expressions that prove problematic are written on the WB and discussed with the class.

Controlled Practice (5-8 minutes) • To practice accurately using for and since in provided setences

The students work in groups to fill in the blanks in the provided sentences with for and since, worksheet exercise A.. The teacher monitors the groups and offers assistance as needed. The teacher asks early finishers to write the answers on the WB.

Presentation of Form (3-5 minutes) • To present the form of present perfect sentences with for and since

Having elicited 2 sentences from the students earlier, the teacher uses them to create substitution tables presenting present perfect sentences with for and since in both affirmative and negative forms.

Semi-controlled Practice (8-10 minutes) • To practice for accuracy of for and since and to practice writing in the present perfect

The students are asked to work in their groups to write sentences in answer to questions of exercise B in the worksheet. The teacher closely monitors the group work and makes notes on accuracy problems the students may have. The teacher takes feedback from the students and then writes errors on the WB and has the class correct them. The teacher walks the students through the correction process offering help as needed.

Semi-controlled Oral Practice (Find someone who); Whole Class Mingle (8-10 minutes) • To orally practice for and since in more personalized present perfect sentences.

The students are given a handout with 10 present perfect sentences and are asked to go around the class and find someone who matches the descriptions. Students are instructed not to use a name more than once. The teacher mo monitors the activity and makes notes of mistakes made by the students. When the students are done, they are asked to tell the class some of what they found out about each other.

If-time Free Practice Activity (5-6 minutes) • To practice producing original sentences in the present perfect with for and since

The teacher asks the students to stand in two opposing lines. Each student will make a sentence with either for and since and the other student is supposed to restate it with the other preposition, i.e. for or since. Students in one of the lines will be asked to rotate and go to the other end of the line after each sentence. The teacher monitors the students and makes sure the game is running as planned.

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