Sevi K Sevi K

Reading comprehension
B1 level


The students will read a text in order to to answer specific questions about festivals and complete a summary exercise related to the text. In parallel, they will develop their listening skills for gist and specific information.


Abc whiteboard &markers
Abc handout

Main Aims

  • The students will practice their ability to scan a text for key factual info.

Subsidiary Aims

  • This lesson requires a considerable input of receptive skills as well as an introduction to vocabulary items related to festivals


Lead-in (5-8 minutes) • To To generate interest in the text given

I will write the word "party" in a small circle in the centre of the WB. The students will call out words they know that are associated with the word party. As the words are call out, I’ll draw lines from the circle and add the words in suitable places, gradually building up a spidergram..

Pre-reading task (8-11 minutes) • To introduce the text following

I will read a short text about William's Shakespeare biography. The Ss will try to indentify key words in order to answer later specific CCQ.

Reading activity (7-12 minutes) • Answering questions by scanning a text

At first, students will skim the text so as to get an idea of its full content. I will ask them to find the answers for the questions above the text.

Teaching vocabulary (10-13 minutes) • To explain the benefits of pre-teaching vocabulary

I will encourage the students to try to complete the summary without looking back at the article they read beforee. I will ask them later which of the words in the box feature in festivals in their countries.

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