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Writing a letter
9th Grade level


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Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson students should be able to write a short letter about oneself.

Subsidiary Aims

  • enhance their speaking skills by responding orally to each others questions
  • Skim texts for the gist and scan for specific information


Warm up (4-5 minutes) • Break the ice

- T greets students. - T review class objects with students.

Pre-reading (4-5 minutes) • Students make predictions about the text

- T show the students Lisa's picture on page 23. - T ask students to guess Lisa's age, nationality, home city, her favourite school subject and sports in pairs. - T pick some pairs to convey their predictions.

While-reading (10-15 minutes) • develop reading sub-skills (skimming/scanning)

- Teacher reads the text. - Teacher asks a couple of students to read. - Teacher asks students to answer the questions below the texts individually. - Students share their answers.

Post-Writing (10-15 minutes) • Use the language previously learned and practice their speaking skills in pairs

- T asks students to work in pairs and ask each other the following questions :  What’s your name?  What’s your family name ?  Where are you from?  How old are you ?  What’s the name of your school?  What’s your favourite subject?  What’s your favourite sport ? - T asks some of the Ss to come to the board and perform a dialogue.

Pre-writing • Accumulate some ideas to use in the while-writing phase.

-The reading and speaking activities above are considered as a pre-writing activities.

While-writing (15-20 minutes)

-First draft :Ss write their first draft. -Editing: Ss exchange their writing in pairs for editing. -Final draft: Ss write the final draft. - Ask some Ss to read their product in front of the whole class.

Post-Writing (10-12 minutes)

- T ask some Ss to read their product in front of the whole class. -T write a model and students copy it to their copybooks.

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