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Personal Information,Possessive Adjectives /Teaching Practice 1
Elementary/A2 level


In this lesson,students will listen attentively to what is being conveyed in the workbook's CD and then they will fill in the blanks in their texts according to what is being conveyed in the CD.This listening exercise will help them learn about giving and asking for personal information.The meanings of city,name,age,number will be enhanced by a matching activity in the beginning of the lesson and the possessive adjectives ''his'',''her'',''your'',''my'' will be learned by the end of the lesson.


Abc Gap-fill Handout

Main Aims

  • To enable students to introduce themselves to each other by asking questions about their personal information using the possessive adjectives ''his'',''her'',''my'' and ''your''.By the end of the lesson,students will be able to ask questions about personal information and will understand the meaning of the ''name'',''surname'',''age'',''city'',''number'' and ''e-mail''.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide the pronunciation of numbers,e-mail adresses.To make students speak in English and understand conversations about personal information.


Stage 1 (5 minutes) • To make students active and ready for the topic and to provide a new vocabulary.

Word cards activity -Give the text and word cars to the students,divide the class into 2 groups and make them match the word cards with the captions written on page 7.Make students work in pairs by changin their texts and control each other's texts.

Stage 2 (10 minutes) • To teach the possessive adjectives ''my'',''your'',''his'',''her''.

Write on the board the possessive adjectives,positive and negative forms of the verb '' to be''.To give examples by showing materials.

Stage 3 (10 minutes) • To help students understand what they listen to.

Use the audio CD,get the students listen to it and then fill in the blanks on page 7.

Stage 4 (5 minutes) • To provide feedback

The teacher provides feedback and the students correct their mistakes.

Stage 5 (15 minutes) • To make students use the new vocabulary asking each other for personal information.

To make students ask questions to each other and the teacher also asks questions.

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