Sabina Sabina

Monday Meeting


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Main Aims

  • Set the kpi for Intercom cases for the current week

Subsidiary Aims

  • Establish channels of communication - for questions and check-ups, outline the plan for the week


Intercom norm (3-5 minutes) • To set the kpis for Intercom cases for the current week

Set individual/common norm for the number of cases in Intercome. Employees' pace and preparation should be taken into consideration. A specific number of cases for each folder should be established.

Timetable (3-5 minutes) • To share the training timetable for the week

To share the timetable of the training for this week, desirable outcomes and goals.

Communication channels (3-5 minutes) • To establish the channels for communication in cases of questions

Messages - in Slack, meetings - when you are available, how they can reach you, etc.

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