Serkan Serkan

TP 4
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will read an extract from a novel that was written by a Nigerian novelist. The students will pratise their reading, learn new vocabulary and will have speaking activity.


Abc Students p.24
Abc Students book, p.25
Abc Students book, p.128
Abc book cover

Main Aims

  • To create a context through a novel extract and through this context, Improving Ss' reading skill and teaching vocabulary.Getting Ss to practise their speaking.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Pronunciation of the new vocabulary and writing and speaking fluently.


Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • to get Ss to be interested in the topic

Ask Ss if they like reading novels or books. How do they choose the book to read. Can they choose a book by just looking at its cover and show them the book cover and tell them that they are going to read the information on the cover and guess what this book is all about.

Reading for gist (12-16 minutes) • to get Ss to get overal meaning of the text and answer the three comprehension questions in ex 2

Divide the class into two and give them the divided extract and to A, ask them to guess what happened before and to B, ask them to guess what happened after. After they read put them in groups of three and discuss their ideas. Then put an A and B in pairs , tell each other the rest of the story if they were right or wrong. Give Ss the whole text and ask them to answer three questions. Take whole class feedback.

Reading for detailed information (11-14 minutes) • to get Ss to find detailed information in the text and get them to prepare for the speaking activity

Write on the board "honest, confident and have guilty conscience" . Elicit the meaning , check pronunciation and if necessary drill the pronunciation and stress. Then Ask Ss to give the opposite meanings for each word or phrase. When you write them on the board , put Ss in pairs and tell Ss that they are going to find information in the text about the two character and they will write. They will write about these two caracters- with the vocabulary on the board included. Check their paper while they are writing . Take FB, then ask "do you symphatise with any of the characters-?, why or why not?" , put Ss in pairs and discuss. Take some FB, Ask Ss to read the text on page 128 to check if what they have written was true or not. Ask Ss to work in pairs and check the answers through the text.

Post-reading (7-9 minutes) • to get Ss produce what they have learnt in vocabulary and increase their fluency in speaking

Put Ss into two groups and give them the topic, "What makes a good administrator?", What kind of qualities and moral values should a manager have, ? Discuss in pairs and take FB

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