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Present Simple Negative
A1 level


In this lesson, students will learn to contrast what they have and what they do with what they do not have and what they do not do by learning the present simple negative.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of the present simple negative in the context of comparing families and posessions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of the present simple positive in the context of of family, possessions, and jobs.


Lead-In (3-5 minutes) • to review present simple positive in the context of family vocab

Pass around an imaginary ball saying sentences about my family, and having the students say sentences about their families. I will write some verbs on the board: I have, I live, I work, I like... as prompts.

Building Context (4-6 minutes) • build the context of the families and the idea of comparing and contrasting

- Prep the board with photos of each family and write where they live and what they do -Ask a couple of questions about what they have and do not have, where they live and do not live. -Divide the class into the groups and have them talk to each other to mark down similarities and differences between the two families

Presentation (6-9 minutes) • to make sure the students understand the meaning, pronunciation, and form of the TL

-get feedback from the previous exercise to elicit the TL from the students "tell me about the smiths and the jefferson" CCQ: Do the Jeffersons have a dog? Do the Smith's have a dog? Do the Jeffersons live in LA? -drill No, they DON'T live in LA. Yes, the Jefferson HAVE a dog. -drill the 't' in don't -write the form on the board with color coding

Controlled Practice (5-8 minutes) • to have the students practice speaking the TL

-Do you have a dog? Yes, I have a dog. Do you have a car? No, I don't have a car. -ICQ: Is "no" or "yes" alone a sufficient answer? No. No, I don't have a car. -Show the HO. Ask someone a question, mime writing their name in the corresponding box. Show them they have 3 minutes to ask as many people as possible. -ICQ: is it okay to have one name in every box? No.

Feedback (3-5 minutes) • to error-check and provide further clarity on the TL

-using the notes you took during the controlled practice, put examples on the board and ask the students to check them. -if problems are pronunciation; clarify and drill. -clarify the correct form

Production (8-12 minutes) • to give a freer practice and check their written skills

-write on the board a letter -"i live in istanbul, but my mom is in Boston..." I have to tell her about my life, use at least 4 negatives. -write HAVE, LIVE, LIKE, WORK -8 min to write -peer check by reading out loud their letters to each other. -give positive feedback unless any consistent errors need clarification

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