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Holiday activity_Reading and Speaking
Elementary level


In this lesson, students will learn about holiday activities by reading a text. They will also learn some related vocabulary. The lesson starts by presenting images to the Ss and have them participate in small groups discussion about the images and their general opinion on the topic. It also consists of a gist and a specific reading tasks as controlled practice. At the end the Ss will have the opportunity to personalize the lesson by talking about their preferences.


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Abc Pre-teach vocabulary pictures

Main Aims

  • To provide Ss with reading practice and to enable them to move from gist reading to specific detail reading.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To encourage Ss to learn new vocabulary around the theme holiday activities in the context of likes and dislikes and practice them


Context/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set a relevant context for the text which will aid in the comprehension.

*Ask them to work in pairs and answer the following questions "Where,When, with you like going for holidays" * Ss are asked "what did you learn about your friend?" *Teacher then shows pictures of holiday-activities, A-D, on the board T, and ask each student individually to match the pictures with their labels. *T writes feedback on the board.

Pre-Reading (8-11 minutes) • Pre-teach vocabulary so as to make the reading material more accessible to students

* T puts the pictures on the board * Elicit response from students as WC *T models the correct vocabulary using a sentence * Drill using a sentence for each vocabulary, showing the stress *Marker sentence " I play the guitar in a musical band"

While-Reading/Gist reading (9-10 minutes) • To focus the learners on understanding the gist/overall meaning of the text

-T instructs students before they do 1(b) -Student are given the text on Page 38 to read. -They work individually and do peer checking -T gives feedback on the board

While-Reading/Detailed reading (10-15 minutes) • To focus learners on details in the text and to have a better comprehension of the text

- T gives instruction for exercise 2 -T asks Ss to read the text again -Then Ss attempts questions -For this activity students work in groups and discuss among themselves -They have to give a reason why they chose that answer -T gives feedback to WC on the board

Post-Reading (8-10 minutes) • To allow learners to personalize the text and to recycle the vocabulary from the text

-On the board, T writes a brief sentence for 3 people "Lucy,Juan, Cassia" -T asks student which is the best course for each person and why. -T writes on the board, "which courses would you take during your holidays?" -T writes the answer format " "I think ---- is good for me, because I like ----" -Students work in pairs and decide which course is best for them and why. -Ss present to the class their choice and give the reason why they chose it. -T monitor and provides delayed correction on the WB

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