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Past Simple in the context of School
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will clarify and use grammatical form of the infinitive and past simple verb forms in the context of school. Also Ss will improve their speaking with TL in the context of the school days


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Main Aims

  • • To enable Ss review and practice of the grammar in the form of past simple verbs in the the context of school days

Subsidiary Aims

  • • To enable Ss to produce and practice writing skills in the context of the school days by focusing on the infinitive and past simple forms


Lead-in / Warmer (5-6 minutes) • Transition from the previous lesson to new lesson

T shows the Picture and ask Ss questions refering back to listening. Ss share their ideas.

Pre-Text (6-8 minutes) • Exposure to Target Language

Ss work on HO1(Grammar ex1) to find the past simple form. T remind Ss they can find only some of the verbs from the text . Ss work in pairs. T monitors. Short time for peer check from the tape script. Checks answers with the whole class. T asks Ss to give some examples with the verbs If T cannot get answers, T give sentences to clarify the meaning with timeline.

Highlighting (12-15 minutes) • To clarify the form of the past simple

T gives the Ss HO2 (Grammar ex2). Students work in pairs. Ss discuss about which verb belongs to which group (regular verbs + -ed, regular verbs + -d, regular verbs + - i +ed) T monitors Peer check T elicits answers form the Ss T shows the answers and does drilling. Ss work on HO3 (Grammar ex3) to elicit form and the sentences. Then Ss work on HO4 (T-made unjumbling material). Ss work in the groups up to 5 people. T monitors. Peer check. WC feedback. T shows the answers.

Controlled Practice Activity (10-12 minutes) • Give initial confidence using the target language

T gives the Ss HO4. Ss work in groups. T monitors. Peer check Whole gr Error correction if it is needed

Freer Activity (5-6 minutes) • To enable Ss to form and practice the target language

T asks Ss Ss write about a school they went before and their favourites at the school. T reminds Ss to use the target language for the activity Gives example with pictures and clarify

Extension Activity ( if Ss have time) (5-8 minutes) • More Practice

WC play Ball Game to practice infinitive and past simple forms of the verbs

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