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First Date
Elementary level


This lesson focuses on free time vocabulary language while expressing one's opinion about a topic. This is further developed through listening activities in the context of a dating TV show.


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Main Aims

  • To familarize Ss with vocabulary to express their opinion on free time activities in the context of dating

Subsidiary Aims

  • To allow Ss to practise using the vocabulary and other TL to express themselves in pairs in their own context (life)
  • To allow Ss to practise listening for understanding and details in the context of a dating TV show


Warm Up (5-5 minutes) • To set context and create interest

Teacher will show the poster to film"50 First Dates" and ask them about the film (do they know it? the actors?) Ask them to come up with different types of date activities (ie 50)

Free Time Vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • To ensure Ss have the TL for the listening

Using the handout, Ss will check which TL they know and get clarificaiton for vocabulary they don't know. Then they will do a quick spelling/gap fill on the reverse page. FB will be through answer keys displayed through Powerpoint.

Expressing Opinions (7-10 minutes) • To allow Ss to express their opinions using love/like/hate

Using a handout, Ss will place the opinion stems on an intensity scale. FB is through Powerpoint. They will then do the activity on the reverse side that ask them use the expressions in sentences. FB is through the powerpoint.

Semi-Controlled Practise (5-8 minutes) • To allow the Ss to use the TL is pair work

T will clarify the use of verb+-ing and the pattern of pair dialogue (stament or question and minimal response). They will then discuss using the TL in pairs.

Listening for Details (10-12 minutes) • To have Ss practise their listening for details

T will use the photo of the TV show to elicit predictions concerning the listening and characters. Then Ss will listen WITHOUT the worksheet, seeing if they can pull out details (questions on powerpoint). FB is first peer check, then orally with whole class. Then they will receive the worksheet and do the 2nd activity (matching) and then check through a 2nd listening. FB is through answer key on powerpoint.

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