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TP 8
Elementary level


In this lesson sts will learn the superlative form. at the beginning of the lesson students will match some adjectives to their comparative and superlative forms. After this lead in the target language will be clarified. I will elicit the form from the students. Then students will do some controlled practice. Students will then learn the superlative forms of adjectives. I will drill them and at the production part students will create a questionnaire and if the time is enough the will have a speaking activitty


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Main Aims

  • Grammar: for students to use and practice the superlatives through some controlled practices

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary and speaking: for students to learn some new words and pratice the superlatives in a speaking activity


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To introduce the target language with a matching game

. Write the adjectives, their comparatives and superlatives (ex 5a) on some pieces of paper. But don't write every superlative form so that sts write them ater on. . Put them on WB randomly. Sts come to the board and match them. . Tell sts to write the missing superlative forms on WB

clarifying the target language (5-7 minutes) • For students to notice the target language

. Write these two sentenes on WB: - We use ............. to compare three or more things - We use ............. to compare two things. . Elicit "comparative" and "superlatilve" from sts. Tell them to work in pairs and discuss the rules for making superlatives; spelling and number of syllables. . get WC FB . Then use WB to clarify the superlatives. Highlight the "endings", "most" and "the". . Mention "good, bad, far, old" as well

practicing the form (4-7 minutes) • for students to practice the structure of the superlative endings

. Students work in pairs and write the superlatives of the adjectives in ex 6a. . Get WC feedback. ask sts why for each superlative. Make sure that the rule is clearly understood. and listen to the tape if the time s enough . Drill each adjective and stress the "ist" sound at the end

Controlled Written Practice 1 (4-7 minutes) • For students to use the target language in a writing activity.

. Draw the table on WB. (cities and some information about them.) . Sts work in pair and write 4 sentences about the cities. . Get WC FB.

Controlled Written Practice 2 (4-7 minutes) • for students to use the target language in a competetive game

. Divide the sts into two teams. . Give the quiz worksheet to the sts. . They work with their partners and fill in the gaps and then answer the questions. . Give them the answer key. They check their answers and decide which is the winner team. .

Semi-controlled Speaking Practice (6-9 minutes) • For students too use the superlatives in a speaking activity

. Write these things on WB: hadsome actor in Turkey beautiful actress in Turkey attractive singer in Turkey \ the world tall football player in Turkey \ the world short Hollywood actor good movie of 2012 bad song of this summer old politician in Turkey \ the world young TV show funny city crowded shopping mall in Istanbul . Students work in pairs andprepare 6-7questions using these prompts. eg. who is the most handsome Turkish actor. . Then they stan up and ask their questions to the other group.

Back-up activity (semi-controlled writing activity) (4-8 minutes) • for students to use the superlatives in a personal conext

. Students work individualy and write a short paragraph about their families ui=sing at least six superlatives.

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