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4. When I Was A Child
Intermediate level


Students will know how to use Used to and Would


Main Aims

  • Grammar: To understand how to use "Used To" and "Would"

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking: To use "Used To" to speak about old habbits


Lead-In (1-1 minutes) • To get students familiarized with "Used-To" and past habbits

Ask Ss what sports they played when they were younger. What they used to like when they were kids. Where they lived when they were younger. Converse with the Ss to see if you have anything in common.

Listening Task (12-15 minutes) • To practice listening for specific information and to contextualize the TL

Explain to Ss that they will listen an audio of "Julio" speaking about his life when he was a child between the ages of 5 (five) and 10 (ten). HO Listening Exercise HO 1. Give Ss ~2 min to look over the HO and familiarize themselves with the questions. Instruct them to find 2 (two) questions that "Julio" does not talk about. ICQ !! - "How many questions does he not talk about?" Play the audio file Listening Exercise Give Ss ~1 (One) min to choose their answers. Let them check in pairs. Check their answers as a class "Which two questions did he not talk about?" Explain that they will do a matching exercise. ICQ !! - "Will we match all 11 (Eleven) of them? Remember !! - 2 (two) Qs were not discussed, therefor, we cannot match them. HO Listening Exercise HO 2.png Allow them to check, Write answers on board. A 2 | B 4 | C 7 | D 8 | E - | F - | G 1 | H 3 | I 9 | J 5 | K 6

Highlighting Target Language (8-10 minutes) • To highlight the target language so the learners are focused on it

Write "I used to be a bad kid." on the WB Write "I used to was a bad kid." under the previous statement. Ask students which one is correct. Explain to Ss that they will now match the bottom section of the Single Action and Repeated Action HO to the top part of the HO. (PW) HO the exercise. Give students ~5 (five) min. Check in PW

Clarify Target Language (14-15 minutes) • To clarify meaning and form so Ss understand, know how to say it and can construct it

Explain the instructions for this activity on the WB. Explain that they will match the 10 (ten) sentences to the 2 (questions). ICQ !! - "How many sentences are we matching? How many questions are we matching to?" HO Used To Exercise Have them check in pairs write answers on the board

Language Practice (4-5 minutes) • To provide controlled, semi-controlled and freer practice

Instruct students to look at the Used To Exercise Ask them to think about a few of the things they did between the age of 5 (five) and 10 (ten) They can make notes if they like. Give them ~2 (two) min. Instruct them to talk about and ask questions about their life back when they were young. Give them ~3 (three) min. ICQ !! - "Are we talking about our teenage years?" -------------------------------------- If there is enough time Have students practice the PW Practice and Find Someone Who exercise.

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