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Modal verb 'would'
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn how and when to use 'would + infinitive'. The students ask each other 'would' questions about Journalism, and general feedback of answers will be taken. The students figure out the different uses of 'would + infinitive'. The difference in verb form that comes after ‘would like/prefer’ and would mind will be looked at. Also the contractions of ‘I would rather’ to ‘I’d rather’. Students will then have controlled practice of the use of different verbs after ‘would’.


Main Aims

  • To provide spoken practice of the grammatical form of 'would + infinitive' in the context of Journalism.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To drill pronuciation of TL


Lead In (3-4 minutes) • To get personal opinions from the Ss on Journalism, and the positive and negative aspects of the job

To have the Ss think about why they would like or not like to be a journalist. Elicit ideas by asking questions like- What do you think would be difficult about being a journalist? Would you enjoy the travelling aspect to journalism? Do journalists earn a lot of money? Is it a dangerous job? Elicit some ideas and write these on the WB in a diagram form.

Speaking and question answering (8-10 minutes) • To have Ss ask questions about journalism, using 'would' questions

Tell Ss that we will now find out a bit more about what they think of journalism as a profession. See if Ss know the difference between what they 'know' about journalism, and what they 'think' about journalism. (Give personal example of 'doctor) Drill pronunciation of question 'Would you like to be a journalist?' by breaking the sentence up and starting from the end of the sentence (i.e. 'a journalist?','to be a journalist?' ' like to be a journalist?' 'Would you like to be a journalist?' . Split Ss into pairs and have them ask each other the questions on the questionnaire and to take short notes of their classmates answers. Give demo of first question with one of the Ss. ICQ: Are you going to write full sentences?

Focus on TL, meaning. (8-10 minutes) • To have the Ss know the different uses of 'would + infinitive'

Elicit what all the questions on the questionnaire have in common, i.e. 'would'. Draw three columns on the WB and try to elicit the three headings for use of 'would + infinitive', 1) hypothetical, 2) advice or suggestions, 3) preferences. For hypothetical use desert island example. For Advice/Suggestions use medical and study related issues. 3) For preferences use food example. Elicit from class which column the first question on the questionnaire belongs to. Have Ss work in groups of three or four to put the remaining questions under the different columns. Have Ss come to the board to write their answers (two students at the same time).

Focus on TL, form (4-5 minutes) • To look at the verb form of 'would'

Elicit the difference in the verb forms that come after 'like/prefer/love/hate' and after 'would mind'. Make sure Ss know what a positive and negative answer to 'would you mind...' is. Tell Ss that 'would mind' is normally used in questions or for negative answers i.e. Question: 'Would you mind writing about drugs?' (For explanation you could say 'Would it bother you to write about drugs) Answer: 'No, I wouldn't mind' or 'I wouldn't like to do that' (tell class that this is better than 'I would mind'). Drill pronunciation of contractions: 'I'd like to work in Turkey' -'in Turkey' -'work in Turkey' -'like to work in Turkey' -I'd like to work in Turkey' (and I wouldn't like to work in Turkey)

Controlled practice (4-5 minutes) • To use the grammar forms in a task

Have the Ss work in pairs to complete the gaps in ex. 2 with the appropriate verb. (3 minutes) Instruct the Ss to go to the answer keys on the wall to check their answers.

Freer practice/speaking (4-5 minutes) • To have the Ss use the TL in a speaking excercise

Instruct the Ss that they will compare their answers in groups of 3/4 to the questions they answered in the questionnaire. The Ss will talk about their partners answers, so ask ICQ: 'Will you give your answers to the questions or your partners?'. Monitor the Ss and listen for any mistakes in form. Write some common answers on the WB.

Delayed FB (if time) (2-3 minutes) • To correct any mistakes heard during the discussion

Write two or three errors which you heard from the GW discussion on the WB, and have the Ss correct the mistakes.

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