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Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson SS have reading about people with strange relationships with their pets. The lesson starts with an introduction of the topic "companions" and WC discussion and follows up with a pre reading task and then SS start reading and in the end having reading practices or post reading tasks.


Main Aims

  • To practice reading for gist and details in the context of animals

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give SS extra practice of their speaking skills


lead-in (7-10 minutes) • Setting the context and getting SS interested

T shows a slide show of strange behavior of pet owners to their pets and asks them which one is the strangest and what they think about these photos. pre-reading task: showing the pictures of the reading and ask what they think about them. and T will write SS guesses about the pictures on the board, to get SS interested in reading the text.

Reading for gist (10-12 minutes) • Read to get the general idea

T asks the SS to work in groups of three, and each member read one of the three part of the reading, individually. while stage task: match pictures to parts they've read. after that SS have to tell their group members, the story they've read and give as many details as possible.

Reading for detailes (10-12 minutes) • More detailed Reading to understand the content

T asks the SS to read the other 2 parts they haven't read individually. controlled practice: answer questions in Ex. 4 in their groups. during this practice new words will be explained.

Follow up speaking activity (10-15 minutes) • semi controlled speaking practice

T asks the SS to sit in groups of 3 and give each member a piece of paper with 1 question written on it, and asks SS to discuss this questions in their group. the questions are in the context of having pet and owners behaviors.

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