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Copy of Wish+Past Perfect Simple; should have
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson,the students will learn how to express regrets about past experiences.The Target Language ''Wish+Past Perfect Simple and Should+ have V3 will be learned to adopt the opposite of what really happened.


Abc Substitution Cards.

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification in Expressing regrets with wishes in the past and should(not) have V3 by PPP method.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Semi-controlled speaking practice to develop spoken accuracy.


Warmer/Lead-in (7-9 minutes) • To motivate and engage sts into the lesson.

-Start your lesson by telling a sad story about yourself to engage sts into the lesson. -After reading the story,ask them CCQs to make sure they get all the information clearly. *What kind of story is it,sad or happy? -sad *Am I happy or regretful about the situation?-regretful Why am I regretful?-because I couldn't visit Empire State Building. -Elicit the ideas.

Presentation of wishes in the past. (5-8 minutes) • To teach the TL with guided discovery.

-Ask them how we can define a regretful situation we lived in the past and elicit the ideas.(wish clause)(should have+V3) -Ask them if they remember the expressions used for regret in the story and hand out the story to the sts. -Elicit the 3 sentences from sts and write them on WB. (I wish I had visited Empire State Building) (I shouldn't have spent all my money) (I should have saved extra money) -Adopt the meaning of TL with the examples used in the lead-in acitivity. Ask CCQ's e.g; *Is it past or present?-past *Did I spend all my money?yes. *Did I go to the Empire State Building?no, I couldn't. *Did I really save money?No, -Elicit the answers.

Form of the TL. (2-4 minutes) • To adopt the form of the TL.

FORM: wish+Past Perfect Simple. should(not)+have+V3 -Seperate the WB into two and explain to give sts 2 packs of paper and want them to stand up and order the parts of speeches of both TLs. -Make a substitution drill with different pronouns. -Show both negative and positive forms by paying attention to the pronouns. -Delete some part from the table and elicit the blanks.

Practise the TL. (5-7 minutes) • -Exposure TL to the sts.

Since this stage is for practice, -Encourage sts to learn TL by a semi-controlled grammar practise. -Stick some visuals and sentences to WB and raise sts up to the WB to match the pictures with the situations. -Elicit the answers and check the understanding after they sit down.

Hand out for deep practise. (7-9 minutes) • Exposure the TL with a handout.

-Give a handout to the sts which check their understanding of is a rewriting activity of the given sentences. -Do a peer-check FB and then elicit the answers. -Correct the mistakes on WB if necessary.

Production of TL. (5-8 minutes) • -To make sure they use TL well enough.

-Prepare 5 different categories such as Education,Work,Love,Friends and Money. -Make them pick out a paper from the box and write/speak a regretful story about this ccategory by using newly learnt TL. Give them 4 minutes and then want them share their past regretful experiences to the class. -Give feedback at the end.

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