Emad Elsayed Zahran Abdalla Emad Elsayed Zahran Abdalla

Intermediate level


In this reading lesson, students will read a text about socialising. Students will read for gist and then they will read for specific information. Students will answer the first question as a gist task and they will do the second question as scanning task.


Main Aims

  • By the end of the ss will have practised reading for gist and reading for specific information.

Subsidiary Aims

  • By the end of the lesson ss will have practised speaking about the different kinds of entertainments in their country.


Lead-in • To set lesson context and engage students

Show ss two pictures of different things, one is acceptable and one is unacceptable and ask ss to start a discussion around the two pictures.

Pre-teach - banned - ingredient- applaud - unwind - tone deaf - a craze (5-8 minutes) • To get ss to know some vocabulary that help ss to understand the text

T provides ss with these vocabulary and introduce the vocabulary one by one. 1-Banned: not allowed. It isn't allowed to go to bars in our society. ingredient : Display something like a piece of cake and ask ss : what is it made of? Is it made of flour? Is it made of eggs? What do we call four and eggs? Unwind : Display a wrapped object and start to unwind it. while doing this, you can ask ss : what am I doing now? till you come to the target language which is unwind. Tone-deaf: You put your hand on your ears to make ss understand the second part which is deaf. After that you can talk about the kinds of music as you can't differentiate between them. A craze: a thing that people have a craze for.

Reading task EX-2 • To read for gist

Ask ss to read the first paragraph quickly to answer the given question. Give ss the question they will answer before reading: Which three of the activities in exercise 1 are mentioned? Ss will read quickly to answer the question. Give ss two minutes to finish reading. Write answers on the board and ask ask ss to check their answers.

Reading task 2 - Exercise 3 • To read for specific information

Ss work in pairs to read again and complete the sentences. Ask ss to read slowly to answer the questions. Give ss answers on the board and then ask ss to check their answers.

Follow up - Exercise 5 • to practise speaking

Ss discuss the questions in exercise 5 in close pairs and then in open pairs.

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