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Unit 5, Can/can't
9th Grade level


in this lesson, students will be introduced to how to use the modal verbs can and can't to ask for permission and respond to it, furthermore, students will learn how to ask and tell the time.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of can and can't in the context of asking and giving permission

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will be able to ask and tell the time
  • Enhance their speaking skill


Warm up (3-5 minutes) • Break the ice

- T greets students - The teacher plays the gesture game with students.

Engage (5-7 minutes) • Grab Ss attention and get them involved

- The teacher shows the students a picture of a toilet and elicits the name from students. - Teacher asks the students what is the relation between the toilet, the teacher and the students. Expected answer is that students ask the teacher to go to the bathroom. - If the students don't get it the teacher will give it away.

Study (10-12 minutes) • Put emphasize on the target language and how it is constructed

- The teacher then asks the students if they want to go to the bathroom, what's the question we ask/ hoping to elicit Can I go the bathroom. again if they don't know it, the teacher will give it away. - the teacher will write the question on the board and write Can using a different color. - The teacher will ask the students what exactly are you asking for by posing this question, hoping to elicit the word permission in Arabic or French and why not in English. - The teacher elaborate on the response of the students and provide more examples. - The teacher highlights the form and pronunciation.

Activate (8-12 minutes) • Ss will get the chance to put what they have learnt into practice

- Students will read the dialogues on page 42 S-B, and answer the questions on exercise 1 - In pairs, students will rely on the pictures on exercise 3, page 43 S-B to ask each other for permission and respond to it

Extra • Students will learn how to tell the time.

- The teacher will pre-teach the following words: quarter and half. - The teacher will draw a clock on the board and spit it into two, on the write side he will write PAST and on the left side, he will write TO. - The teacher will draw 5 additional watches on the board in which two will include TO and two will include PAST and one in which the time will be pointing a sharp o'clock. - Students will be asked to look at the examples provided and will be given an exercise to test their hypotheses. - The teacher will monitor correct the students if it's necessary, using ICQs like, we use to indicate how many minutes are left for the clock to be sharp again and vice versa. - The teacher will give the students a couple of exercises to do back at home.

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