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Gr 6 Sem2 Wk1
Grade 6 level


Students learn some ways to describe things and do an art project where they must duplicate a picture by describing it.


Main Aims

  • give students language to describe things so that others know which object they are describing

Subsidiary Aims

  • art practice


Introduction (4-6 minutes) • get students thinking about how to describe things

Play the song. It's in the 405 folder but I can't get it to upload.

vocab (6-8 minutes) • Give students some vocab for descriptions

Go through the first few slides and review. Also elicit other ways you might describe size, location, or colour. See if the class knows things like "biggest" or long/short/tall, or other position words. Demo with some objects in the classroom and get the students to describe. e.g. with two pencils, hold up a short yellow pencil and ask them which pencil you are holding. They should tell you it is the short yellow one.

controlled practice (10-12 minutes) • students use the vocab to clarify

This can be a game, or if the class is too rowdy, just one student talking. There are two rounds, one for keys and one for shoes. Use the slides (or if the projector is broken, draw simple shapes on the board with different colours and sizes, and label them 1-9.) Divide the room in teams. Write or print out the numbers 1-9. Call up 2 students from each team and give them both a number (same number). The rest of the class should not be able to see this number. The kids must find that number object on the slide and get their team to hold up that number fingers. Whichever team all holds up the right number finegrs first wins the round and gets a point. No talking from the rest of the class, and no Chinese! After five minutes of keys, switch to shoes. Try to let every student in the class have a chance in front.

free practice (16-20 minutes) • students get to use descriptive words on their own

Round 1 - in pairs, students draw a monster. You can run through the words on the slide first to give them ideas. They should not take too long drawing the monster but they should use coloured pencils if they have them. They should include recognisable body parts, i.e. arms, legs, head, etc. because someone else will have to describe it. Round 2 - Collect the monsters. put up the next slide and explain the rules BEFORE passing out monsters. Then give each pair of kids a different monster. IMPORTANT, only one kid can look at the monster. S/he should hold it so her/his partner can't see. This kid must describe the monster in English, and the other kid will try to draw the same monster. When time is up, check which team got closest to the original, and you can give the kids some minutes to wander around and see each other's artwork.

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