Zahra Zahra

teaching practice 4
upper-intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn about using different types of adverbs in different positions through guided discovery based on a reading about short stories(mini saga).


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Abc handout
Abc handout(ex)
Abc gap-filling handout
Abc gap-filling handout
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Main Aims

  • grammar (adverbs and adverbial phrases)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy


lead-in/ building context (5-6 minutes) • to generate interest in the topic

The teacher asks students: " Are you interested in mini sagas?" Students answer and if the answer was No, she will introduce mini saga and then says she is going to show four pictures about four mini sagas. There are four titles on the board. She wants them to match each title with each picture in pairs. Then the teacher asks some of them to give their answers to the class.

Reading task (exposure) (4-5 minutes) • to contextualise and introduce the target language

-The teacher says that She is going to give them a sheet including four mini sagas. They are supposed to read the text quickly and match the titles with the stories individually. Then they should check with their partners. Then she projects the answers.

Highlighting target language (6-7 minutes) • To highlight the target language so that learners are focused on it

-The teacher wants the students to focus on the highlighted adverbs or adverbial phrases in the stories. -She asks them to think about what they mean and the position of them in the sentence. As the feedback the teacher asks if they have any ideas. - Then she tells that she is going to give them a paper (ex b). She wants them to do the ex in pairs. -While they are doing the ex, the teacher is monitoring. She finds a pair who has the correct answers and then she wants to check the other pairs' answers.

Clarifying target language (6-7 minutes) • To clarify meaning and form so learners know to use it

- The teacher tells that she is going to give them a folded sheet. They are supposed to look at the first part and do the ex in pairs. The instruction is written on the sheets. - She sets a time limitation. -Then she wants them to check the answers in the group. -Finally she wants them to unfold the papers and look at the answer key.

Language practice (controlled practice) (4-5 minutes) • to provide controlled practice to use the language accurately

- The teacher tells that she is going to give them en ex. -First, they should do that individually and then check with their partners. - Then she projects the ex and wants ss to come to the board and write the answers. - Next she gives them the answer key.

Language practice (4-5 minutes)

The teacher tells that she is going to play an audio part an give them a handout and they are supposed to listen to sound effects and short dialogues and use the bold adverbs to complete the sentences. Then she asks the whole class.

Language Practice (9-10 minutes) • to provide freer practice

- The teacher regroups the ss and tells that she is going to give them a sheet with eight pictures, one sheet for each group. Each group has one writer and they have 5 minutes to come up with a story. They have to write in order to be able to tell their short story to the class. -After five minutes the teacher wants them to tell their stories.

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