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Teaching Practice 3a
A1, beginner level


In this lesson, the main focus will be the grammar relating to Present Simple Negative and forming questions. The warm-up will an interactive WB activity introducing the topic. There will be three controlled practice activities, one will use the projector and the students will come and fill in the blanks on the board after working individually. The second controlled practice will be individual first and then together they will fill in the board. I will try and give out markers to the weak and strong students and have the class help them. The last controlled practice will be in pairs on a handout and then 5 different pairs will come up to read the dialogue aloud (I will have an A and B paper to demonstrate who is A and who is B). The lesson will end up with a mingling activity "Find Someone Who" for a more freer practice of what they have learned.


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Abc Pictures of vocab

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of negative present simple and forming questions in the context of free time activities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a pair work and speaking in front of the class in the context of free time activities.


1 - Warm up (7 minutes) • Introduce the TL

Before class I will start the projector with HO1. I will demo the first example on the board. 3 minutes. FILL IN THE TABLE with the next two sentences. You have 1 minute. ICQ: How many minutes? Then I will give out the marker to two students to fill in the next 2 examples. FB stage: Are these correct? And then say the sentences backwards so the students can here the stress/intonation.

2 - Controlled Practice (7 minutes) • Make sentences negative

_____Exercise 6a_______ FLIP to next page. Make sure the students wait to flip until I tell them. If they get out of control have everyone flip it over to the back and pay attention to me. Demonstrate first exercise on the board - just the true false aspect of it. Make a big deal that I am saying it is FALSE for MYSELF. Have a column where they will put their name for themselves. "True - False" for YOU. Work individually. You have 2 minutes. ICQ: How many minutes do you have? DEMO part 2 of the activity. In question one make the sentence negative. Then show that now it is True. Directions: Make the sentences true for YOU. Work in pairs. ICQ: Are you working alone? Hand out markers and have people write the negative form of each sentence on the board. Feedback: Have the students read aloud the sentences together.

3 - More controlled practice (8 minutes) • Have the students form questions of the present simple

Make sure the Handout packet is flipped over so they won't start doing it. -------HANDOUT 3----------- Demo. Number 1. Have the projection up on the board to make it easy to fill out. Say the 2 responses are yes or no and prompt for a short answer. Instructions: Fill out the table. AND the short answers. with a partner! ICQ: Are we writing short or long answers here? Are you working with a partner? Feedback: Again have DIFFERENT students write their answers on the WB. Intontation of the question. Go through each question from the back working on raising intonation. Have the students repeat after you. Then get them to flip over the packet and start.

4 - Last controlled practice (8 minutes) • Fill in the gaps and speaking practice.

Demo number 1 by asking the students what goes in the blank. WE START A QUESTION with DO! Instructions: Pair work. Fill in the gaps. You have 4 minutes. ICQ: Are you working in pairs? How many minutes do you have? Feedback. Get students attention. Bring 2 students up for each question and have them bring their papers. Hand them either 1A or 1B (2A, 2B etc.). Have them do a dialogue. If there is a mistake ask the students IS THIS CORRECT? Do for all 5 dialogues with different people.

5 - Preteach for freer practice (5 minutes) • Preteach vocab again and forming sentences

Put up pictures on the board. Preteach vocab again to make sure they understand. On projector have all the words with pictures and Point to the picture and ask what is the question. TRY NOT TO TALK TO MUCH. Have the students. Just say QUESTION?

6 - Freer Practice (10 minutes) • Findsome Who Activity - Students will form questions and responses

Demo FIND SOMEONE WHO ACTIVITY? Ask someone to come up. Do you go to the cinema? Yes..What is your name...Write the name on the sheet. EVERYONE UP. 2 Names for each category. ASk questions. You have 6 minutes! ICQ: How many names? Feedback once everyone sits down. Depending on time have students make sentences with their pairs. Demo first. Write the form on the board. _____and _____ go to the cinema. Talk to your partner.

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