Sajedeh Farajzadeh Jalali , Reading and Vocabulary in holiday
beginners , A1 level


in this lesson , Ss will learn about some adjectives to describe weather and cities , then they will read a postcard and answer some questions from 2 people who are on holiday . then they will do some listening practice related to adjectives .


Abc dictation gap-filling
Abc matching adjectives
Abc postcard pictures
Abc chart for adjectives
Abc real postcards
Abc postcard text
Abc listening gap-filling

Main Aims

  • To provide detailed reading practice using a text about holiday postcard in the context of a postcard from San Francisco

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of adjectives to describe cities and weather in the context of holiday


lead-in (2-4 minutes) • to engage the students and set a context

- show them the pictures of different tourist destinations - ask them some questions ( where are these places? how do they look? do you like to visit them? why? why not?) - pair them to share some ideas - WC feedback

vocabulary practice (4-6 minutes) • teach and practice adjectives of the lesson

- show them the hand out - ask them to fold the paper and only do ex. 1 ( gap-filling dictation) alone , then monitor, check in pairs, feedback on board. - ask them to unfold the paper, do the matching activity of pictures and adjectives, monitor, feedback on board, drill some words.

a quick lead-in for reading / reading the text (8-10 minutes) • to draw their attention to postcards

- show the picture on the board. - elicit some ideas in WC about the picture , ask CCQ - pre-teach comfortable and building with the pictures and realia, CCQs. - show them the handout and instruct them with reading the postcard and answer the questions below. - check their answers in pairs when they finished. - WC feedback

practice the adjectives of reading (3-4 minutes) • to do some more pracitce on both reading and adjectives

- show them the hand-out - instruct them by asking them to put the correct words from the text in the chart in their pairs. - ICQs - monitor - feedback on board.

gap-filling listening (2-4 minutes) • to practice the adjectives better

- show them the handout, instruct them with saying just listen and fill in the gaps. - ICQs - distribute the handout - play the audio - check in pairs. monitor, if they managed it, feedback on board, if not, play the audio again.

real postcards realia (5-7 minutes) • porduce the language by personalizing the context.

- put the Ss in groups of 4 - show them the postcards, ask them to write a postcard to their friend or classmate. - show the format on the board in order to give them some ideas. - monitor - swap their cards with other groups. - delayed error correction

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