Mamdouh Saad 28 October 2019 Vocabulary (Building)


In this lesson, students will learn about buildings vocabulary to descibe buildings and use them to practise speaking and writing for fluency .


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Main Aims

  • This will be achieved by : introducing meaning,pronunciation and form of those new words.
  • By the end of the lesson ,students will be better able to use a set of new words about our buildings .

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide the students with the opportunity to practise speaking for fluency to speak using the buildings vocabulay introduced in the lesson .


Background • class profile

As I don't know the class , I will speculate that the class will be about 25 students and a mixture of boys and girls .They are supposed to be at an intermediate level .


I assume that students at this level know how to speak about buildings and are aware to speak fluently about their houses .This will help me touch on it lightly and dedicate more time to meaning and pronunciation . I am also assuming that every one is reasonably familiar with vocabulary in the lesson .

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