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TP8 - Grammar
Elementary level


To practise the SS in the use of the present continuous.


Abc HO2 and Ppt3
Abc HO5 and Ppt6
Abc WB
Abc Fashion clip

Main Aims

  • Practice the SS in grammar through use of the present continuous in the context of everyday situations (fashion and clothing)

Subsidiary Aims

  • Practice semi-controlled speaking.


Warm up (0-5 minutes) • To get SS thinking about fashion and clothing

1. Show You Tube clip of fashion show. 2. Q SS about the clip (is fashion important/are men interested in fashion?) 3. Show clothing Ppt1 (as each image come up ask them to identify it). 4. Ask SS what I am wearing (I am wearing khaki trousers etc - ask what I am wearing that is not on the picture). In pairs get SS to describe to each other what they are wearing.

Activity 1 (5-10 minutes) • Practice describing people from the picture

1. SS work in pairs. 2. ICPs: Show Ppt2 (pictures of the people) - talk about it with them. Show questions format Ppt3 and HO2 - One SS asks the other "Who is pretty/good-looking/handsome" and gets answers. In turn other SS asks pair Who's got long/short etc hair" and "Who's got blue/brown eyes". Demo taking it in turns. Distribute HO2.

Pre teach target grammar (10-15 minutes) • Confirm SS undrestanding of the present continuous

CCQs: 1. Mime the concept of an action described by a verb that is happening now; not in the past and not in the future. 2. Confirm with SS - is it in the past (no), the future (no), now (yes). 3. Act some verbs - looking, walking. 4. Show sentence - Stewart is walking. Ask SS to identify the subject + to be verb + verb + ing. Confirm again.

Activity 2 (15-25 minutes) • To practice describing what people are doing

SS in Pairs. Same pictures. Show Ppt 5 and HO4 - "What are they doing?" Who is smiling? Take it turns to ask the questions. ICPs: work in groups or pairs? Take turns asking the questions? Distribute HO4.

Activity 3 (25-35 minutes) • Practice describing what people are wearing

1. Show Ppt 5 and HO4. Work in pairs. ICPs: 1. Pairs take turns in looking for what everyone in the picture is wearing. 2. When pairs are finished swap inforamtion with the pair next to you to see if you missed anything. 3. Get SS to repeat instructions until clear. 4. Distribute HO4.

Activity 4 (35-45 minutes) • To practice descriptions of people using the grammar form

1. Rearrange pairs and number. 2. Show Ppt6 and HO5. 3.Describe the task: SS A chooses someone else in the room but doesn't tell partner who they have chosen. SS B asks Yes/No questions to try to find out who it is - Is it a girl/Yes it is; is she sitting near the window/No, she isn't. Confirm instructions.

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