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Teaching practice 3
A1, Beginners level


In this lesson, Ss learn about possessive 's. The lesson starts with a focus on the difference between contractions and possessive 's. This is followed by controlled practice exercises. Family vocabulary, jobs and ages will also be reviewed.



Main Aims

  • To introduce and practice functional language of possessive 's in the context of family

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in the context of family vocabulary, ages, and jobs.


STAGE 1 - WARMER/LEAD-IN (4-5 minutes) • to set lesson context and engage Ss through a low-stress class activity

1 Greet the Ss and ask them 'How are you?' 2 Ask Ss to find/match family vocabulary next to the WB (left): mother-father; sister-brother; son-daughter; husband-wife. (They have worked with family vocabulary in the previous lesson)

STAGE 2 - INTRODUCTION TO POSSESSIVE 'S (12-15 minutes) • to understand the meaning and the use of possessive 's

1 Ask Ss to find examples of apostrophe + s in the text on page 34 (Ss bk Unit 4b). T finds the first two as an example and writes them on the WB in two separate columns and with different colours (PW) 2 T puts the Ss' answers on the right side of the WB. T asks Ss to find the right form of 4 contractions (multiple choice HO) (GW) 3 T asks Ss to write on the WB the contractions of 'He is, She is, It is' (S-class) 4 T asks Ss to place contractions examples from the text in the 'contractions' list'. (T-S) 5 Ss go back to the text and complete the sentences about the Murphy family (Ss bk Unit 4b ex 2) T checks if meaning is clear (CCQ: is it a short form or a possessive), so right or left side of the board? Is this a possessive too? Is this the short form of he is?) 6 T shows pronunciation rules (the boy's ball; Maud's ball; Pete's ball; Jess' ball) 7 Ss write sentences looking at The Simpsons' family tree (THe Simpsons' family tree HO) (GW) 8 Ss place possessive 's examples from the text in the 'possessive 's list' (WC)

STAGE 3 - SPEAKING PRACTICE (15-25 minutes) • to practise the new language about family, ages, and jobs

1 Ss complete an information gap activity in pairs (A-worksheet A; B-worksheet B) (PW) T explains that in the worksheets there are some names, jobs and ages of ten people in the same family. They ask their partners questions to complete the information about the family in number order. Ss then write on their worksheets. 2 T elicits questions 1-7 from the whole class (1 pair at a time): 1 What's Barry's job? 2 How old is he? 3 What's his wife name? 4 What's her job? 5 How old is she? 6 What's their daughter's name? 7 What's her husband name? T drills questions 1-7 with the WC. 3 T monitors and takes notes of any errors. Ss peer-check their answers. (PW) * If time: write errors on the WB and do error correction

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