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TP 7
Elementary level


In this lesson students will practice and improve their receptive skills by reading and listening. After a short lead-in about holidays and travelling by plane, sts will read two different advertisements and answer questions about those Then sts will listen to a phone call for specific information. They will be exposed to the target vocabulary and have different writing activities in which they will use the new vocabulary


Abc Vocabulary pictures
Abc HO1 (ex 2a)
Abc HO2(ex. 3a)
Abc adverts
Abc Ho3 (ex. 4)`
Abc Papers with the words from ex. 5
Abc Ho4 (6a)
Abc CD

Main Aims

  • For the students to improve their receptive skills (reading and listening)

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary: for students to learn and practice vocabulary related to things and places at an airport


Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • To warm sts up for the upcoming reading and listening activities and get their attention.

. Sit in the middle of te class and start talking about holidays . Talk about your last holiday which was in Dubrovnik. Tell them that yo went there by plane. You bought the ticket from the internet by using credit card. Then I went to Ataturk Airport international flights. After check in ..... . Sts work in pairs and discuss the questions in ex.1 . After the discussion ask sts to share interesting answers withthe class. . When they are sharing their answers elicit "on the internet", "on the phone", at a travel agent's" and highlight the prepositions in the phrases.

reading for specific information(ex2a) (7-9 minutes) • for students to read the text for specific information and understand the concept

. give the reading questions and the adverts to the sts. . They read the adverts and answer the questions. . Get whole class feedback. If a student gives a wrong answer, elicit the right answer from the other sts. If someone gives a correct answer ask him how he found this. . Ask sts to work in pairs and discuss the question in ex. 2b.

Pre-listening (ex.3a) (4-7 minutes) • To warm sts up for the listening activities

. Give sts matching HO. . They work in pairs and match the questions to the things the travel agent asks about. . Write the answers on WB. get sts check their answers.

Listening for specific information (4-7 minutes) • For students to improve their listening for specific information skills

. Tell sts that they are going to listen to the tape and put the questions from previous task in order . get whole class feedback and correct any errors. . If neccessary play the specific part of the recording

Listening for specific information 2 (4-7 minutes) • For students to listen for specific information

. Play recording 12.10. . Sts listen and fill in the blanks in ex.4. . Get all class feedback and correct any errors.

Pre-teaching the vocabulary (4-6 minutes) • For students to learn the vocabulary before the task

. Write the words f=in ex.5 on some colorful papers and print their images out . While sts are doing thelistening activity put the pictures and the words randomly on WB . Tell sts to come to the board and match them. . Ask CCQs about the words to establish the meanings well.

Controlled Written Practice (4-6 minutes) • for students to use the vocabulary in a fill in the gaps task

. Give students the fill in the gaps HO. . they work in pair and fill in the gaps with the new vocabulary. . They fill only the woman's parts . Get WC FB and ask sts why?

Controlled Written Practice 2 (3-5 minutes) • for students to use the vocabulary in a fill in the gaps task

. Write the phrases from ex 6b on some pieces of paper and put them on WB. Tell sts to work in pairs and fill in Joe's part of the conversation. . Get WC FB. .

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