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Breaking News
Intermediate Student's Book level


In this lesson the students will be given some sentences which are possible news stories. In groups they will discuss them to decide which can be in the front page of a newspaper. Later they will be given some pictures to adjust them with the sentences. This will be done in groups, too. Then from each group we will choose a representative to go to other groups to exchange ideas about their choice. The class will finish taking some general feed backs from the students.


Main Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a Debate, Discussion in the context of Newspaper, Headlines

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice and review of Would(advice), what and or, some vocab in the context of Review, Discussion, Debate


Lead in (10-15 minutes) • Elicit the meaning of the word editor, some ideas about it.

Here I will refer back to the previous lesson and elicit the meaning of the word editor. Later I will ask them to think of themselves as editors of a newspaper and are going to put together their newspaper. The students will be divided into groups of 3.

Pre- teach-vocab (12-15 minutes) • Practice the new words, their meaning, stress and parts of speech

In this stage I will ask them to choose some stories for their newspapers. But before that I will make sure that they know all the words if not I will try to elicit their meanings and write them on the board.

Preparation to speak (10-15 minutes) • Reading the stories and working individually

The students will be asked to read the stories by themselves to decide which one will be the first and which one will be the second on the front page. They will also be asked to provide reasons for their choices. After this I will give them the stories found at page 128 and 130 to the groups.

Speaking (15-20 minutes) • Enabling the students to speak and encourage them to give their opinions about the choices

Here I will explain to them that that they should agree on the front page news and express their choices and priorities and how a newspaper can sell well. They will be reminded of the usage of would to give advice. I will also explain that they should agree on the front page news so they should express their reasons for their choices. They even can give advice to each other, maybe to change each others mind. I won't ask them for feed backs.

Speaking (15-20 minutes) • group discussions

In this stage I will elicit other things needed for a newspaper. Later I will give the pictures to match them with the stories, they will discuss this, also write a headline for them. Having received blank pages they will design the layout of their paper using the pictures and writing headlines. .

speaking (15-20 minutes) • to get the students closer by changing the representative of the groups, to provide more chance to speak and express their groups' reasons for their choices

i will ask the students to choose a representative for their group then I will regroup them so that they will be in different groups. In the new group the representative explains the whys of their groups' choice of the news stories. Meanwhile I will walk around and check different front pages, monitoring and taking notes of their mistakes. I will take some general feed backs, too.

Delayed Feed back (5-7 minutes) • To correct students' mistakes

If there is some time left, I will write the notes taken from the students errors on the board to correct their mistakes.

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