Hager Hager

an octopus
intermediate,grad 9 level


in this lesson students learn new vocabulary by using video about scientific information about an octopus, this lesson based on listening skills to know how we can get information through listening , how we can find an adjectives through the text, and the definition of the new words.


Main Aims

  • To provide detailed

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of unseasonably, mesmerised, mollusc, momentous , invertebrates, lumber, gelatinous in the context of prominent, lineage, ooze, swivelled, agitate, bruise, predecessor, siphon debacle, neurons


deep intellect • to know information about octopus through video

first i will ask students to imagine if they have 3 hearts what its role in their bodies, and give them time to imagine and then if they live in water how they lifestyle will be ? and give them time to answers , then i will ask them what is the sea animal do they think have 3 hearts ? and then i will start to play a video and give them hand out to answer the questions frst individual and then in pairs and then give me answer.

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