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Teaching Practice 7 (Beril Akinci)
Elementary level


Abc Weather Conditions posters
Abc Pictures
Abc Question Sheet
Abc Answer Sheet
Abc Temprature slips
Abc Speech cards

Main Aims

  • Reading for gist and detain in the context of weather

Subsidiary Aims

  • Using weather-related vocabulary and talking about the weather


Warm-up (5-6 minutes) • To get ss interested in the subject and to ease into the context

T asks ss to look outside. T asks, "How is the weather in Istanbul? Teacher points to other cities? How is the weather in Paris? In New York? In Tokyo? T tries to elicit vocab from ss about weather T writes them on the board when she hears them. Teacher shows ssElicit vocabulary from students. Water coming from the sky? RAIN In the sky, the water is inside the......... (CLOUDS) Cold water from the sky? (SNOW) Too hot, -protect eyes hand gesture- (SUN) Draws girl with wavy hair (WIND) T will ask what type of word it is? N, V, ADJ? T will write "funny, pretty" on the board. T will ask what this. N, V, ADJ. T will ask how we can turn the NOUNS into adjectives.

Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To get ss to practice TL

T will put students into groups. T will give instructions for the cline exercise and hand out the the slips of paper. While ss examine them, T will draw cline on the board. After ss finish, T will nominate one s from group to place a slip on the cline. CCQs

Controlled Practice/Reading for gist (5-8 minutes) • To get students to skim the text quickly

T will distribute the PICTURES AND FOLDED QUESTION SHEETS. SS will read for gist. SS match pictures to paragraphs. Check with partner. Feedback.

Semi-Controlled Practice/ Reading for Details (10-15 minutes) • To get the students to take a closer look at the text.

Tell ss to read the text alone. Tell ss to unfold the paper and answer the questions. After finishing, they will check with their partner. Feedback

Freer speaking practice (5-8 minutes) • To get students to personalize the TL

T will give students instructions about the speech cards and tell them to mingle. T will demonstrate first round. Music plays.

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