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positive characterstics
intermideate level


In this lesson students will study vocabulary about good characteristics. Students will learn the meaning of some adjectives related to the main theme of the lesson.


Abc board

Main Aims

  • To provide
  • vocabulary

Subsidiary Aims

  • adjectives related to positive characteristics


lead in (5-6 minutes) • set context

Ask the ss to describe each others.

Pre-teaching (10 minutes) • check words meaning

Begin by presenting 8 sentences contain word gaps, SS try to fill in the gaps with the appropriate words; ( the words are taken from Ex 1a page 42). SS will try to guess the appropriate words for each statements. After checking the meaning for each word, try to elicit the tricky words such as ambitious, courageous, determined and original. Check the meaning of the above mentioned words through CCQ. Drilling the pronunciation with the students and check the syllables and the stress pattern.

controlled practice (15-20 minutes) • practice the new vocabulary

in this stage of the lesson, presententing some pictures on the board of different people with different careers and ask the students to tell what these people do and also they need to provide a reason for their answers .Choose the tricky words such as " colleague , scientist, manager and try to check exactly the meaning through CCQ, after this check the prounounciation by drilling first , then how many syllable and stress pattern on the board. Secondly, SS are asked match the words of carreer to the appropriate adjectives that we saw in the bigining of the lesson. SS asked to think about someone they know ( either personally or a famous one) who has the above mentioned characteristics. then tell their partners about this person(EX1cpage 42),the demonstration is starting by answering the question about myself . After this SS will do Ex 42; They will match the roles in Ex 1b with the appropriate qualities.feed back at the end of the task

free practice (10 minutes) • practicing positive characteristics in a free discussion

Ss are asked to do discuss the following questions in smal groups: -which are the characteristics above are important in almost any job/role? -which charateristcs do you most admire in others? which are important to? (ex3 page 42)

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