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12.8.14 Grammar: Forming Questions using Did/Didn't
A-1 Beginner level


In this lesson will attempt an ambitious Test, Teach, Test, Teach, Test format, the two teaching portions will consist of eliciting grammar lesson on the simple past negatives, and for the second teach I will attempt to elicit the past simple questions with did and didn't.


Main Aims

  • After this lesson, students should be familiar with the grammar that would enable them to construct basic questions using Did/Didn't and understand how to employ them to get information they need.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students, will become comfortable asking and responding to yes/no questions by using the words Did/Didn't in the past simple tense within the context of a conversation.


Pick up the baton from Marieke, continue with controlled practice of past simple did/didn't grammar in in exercise 7 (9-12 minutes) • To have students be able to form past simple expressions that reflect their experiences yesterday(a) and (b) share them with their peers.

Hand out HO, slowly and clearly enunciate instructions for exercise "7a. Make correct sentences about your day yesterday. For example: Yesterday I DID get up late, so I checked number one because it is correct for me. I corrected number two because: I DIDN'T have eggs for breakfast. I had toast and coffee." Please complete the rest on your own. (Monitor progress, dispense encouragement and praise). If you have done all of the questions please compare your sentences with your neighbor (part b).

Introduction to past simple negative (3-6 minutes) • I hope to elicit clarification on the grammar and forms of simple past negative statements so that sts can use this konwlege to complete the activities. .

Sts will have seen an activity on on the grammar and forms of past negative given by Marieke, and in activity number seven I started the lesson out with; I will elicit for MFP.

Pair work, 'A holiday you remember well' (10-12 minutes) • The aim of this activity for students to see the forms of did when used with questions involving the simple past tense.

Activity is on their HOs, have students work in pairs' and take note of their partners' answers. Monitor and give delayed FB to clarify after asking sts about the outcome of their investigation, Where did you partner go?.... How did they get there? Where did they stay? Who did they go with? What did they do there? Did they have a good time?

Introduction to Past Simple Questions (4-6 minutes) • To elicit (not lecture) and have students supply rules for constructions of simple past questions and short answers with did/didn't.

Write past simple questions on the board, give example sentence: Did you have a good time? along w/ short answers 'Yes I did./No I didn't." and "where did you go? and What did you do? elicit for MFP, drill.

Activity number 4 Order the words correctly (9-12 minutes) • By means of this activity, students will have relatively freer practice assembling sentences from the words provided, in which they should gain exposure into the grammatically correct sentence form.

Refer sts to the back side of their HO, activity four, have them work individually, by themselves, walk them through the example, which is : maybe write have/a/did/holiday/nice/you on the board and the answer: Did you have a nice holiday? What did you do last Sunday?, Did you go out last night? Did you have a nice weekend? Did you watch TV last night?, model and have students practice saying the questions. Have students practice asking the questions to their partners.

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