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TP 3
Beginner level


In this lesson, students will learn a set of lexis of food and drinks. This lesson will help also students to know vocabulary of some emotion verbs as like,love.


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Main Aims

  • Tp provide students with a set of lexis of food and drinks and vocabulary of like, love , eat and drink.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide listening and speaking taks to help the students use the two skills to practice what they have learned.


warmer (5-7 minutes) • to set lesson context and to engage students

* greet the students * get the students names. If any new comers. * Make the students look at me and I rub my stomach and get the students say how I feel and then what I need to elicit " food" * stick some pictures of types of traditional Turkish food. * students name the food in the pictures and name more if needed.

exposure (7-10 minutes) • to provide context for the target langauage through a photo of food and drink and sts need to match with list of food

* hand sts a photo of different types of food numbered from 1 to 16 and a list of words and the students in pairs have to match. I stick a bigger photo on WB. * set 2 mins to do the matching and then check with the whole class. * sts listen to the CD. * give models of pronunciation and ask sts to repeat chorally and individually. * highlight the pronunciation of orange juice, vegetables, and chocolate.

vocabulary practice (8-12 minutes) • to check if sts can remeber and recall vocabulary

* give students one minute to remember all the words for the food and drink in the photo. * tell sts not to write anything down. * then ask students not to look at the photo " cover it" * students in pairs say all the words for food and drink they can remember. * ask them to write down the words they can remember. * encourage one pair to write 3 items of the words till we have all 16 words.

vocabulary introduction (8-10 minutes) • to introduce new verbs like, love ,eat and drink

* sts look at the pictures A-D . *sts do the matching on their own and then compare their answers in pairs. * then have a check with the whole class. * students listen to the CD for clear pronunciation. * select some students to read the sentences and help with the pronunciation. * highlight the difference between like & love with examples.

Listening Practice (7-10 minutes) • to drill students to listen for specific information

* students look at the list of food and drink words in the HO and listen to the CD, they need to tick the food and drink Fiona, the speaker, talks about. * students check their answer in pairs. * check answers with the whole class. * then give students one minute to read the sentences in ex. 2 b). * students listen to the CD and choose the correct word. play again if necessary. * check answers with the class.

writing and speaking practice practice (7-10 minutes) • to encourage students to put what thay have learned into writing senteces and speaking with peers.

* give a clear instruction on what sts need to do in ex. 3 a). * tell students that they can use vocabulary from 1 a) or from their own ideas. * help students with 1st sentence. * check the students sentences for accuracy and help with any new vocabulary. * put the students in small different groups. * teach them the pharse ( me too ), one of the observing teachers can help to give a claer example by say " I love chocolate" and the teacher says " me too". *ask each group to tell the class about food and drink they like, love .....etc

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