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Speaking lesson
Elementary level


In this lesson Ss will be practicing their speaking skills, using the TL learned in the previous lesson. The class will start with a lead-in regarding time-phrases. then the students will match the phrase in to the preposition bubbles on the wb after making a sentence with the time phrase handed to each on of them. Then there will be a controlled listening exercise to practice listening. Then the class will be arranged to play the game from teacher’s book. Notes will be taken by the teacher. Then students will chose the correct prepositions for the questions before asking them to their peers, with the goal of finding two yes for each questions. The class will end with a delayed error correction.


Abc Listen and chose the correct answer
Abc Glen's email
Abc Chose the correct preposition inside the questions,
Abc Flashcards of time phrases

Main Aims

  • Main aim is to get Ss to use target language in a meaning full context.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Sub-aim is to make review of previously thought vocab and grammer while using speaking and listening skills


Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • Aim is to introduce time phrases.

The Question "what day is it today" will be asked to serve as lead-in. then a series of questions will be directed at the Ss in order to concept check the timephares.

Match the time phrases with the correct prepositions. (8-10 minutes) • Aim is to provide a controled practice with hte TL and get Ss to use them while speaking.

I will hand out flashcards to students, one for each and they will come to the board to match them into corresponding bubbles Instruction: "" come and put the cards into the correct correct circle" Then there will be an open class FB, I will highlight that we do not use plurals with "every" and we use "in" for days with the excepton of night" we use at for times but also for "night" and "weekend", an answer key is provided to clarify all. I will model and we will do some drilling.

Listen and decide if they correct or not, if not correct them. (5-10 minutes) • Aim is to get students get students use their listening skills while listening the TL

A recording will be listened by the students and they will decide if the statements given in the provided handout is true or false, if it's false they will correct them. "Now listen and if it is correct tick it, if it is not correct them" will be instructions, then they will check their answers within pairs, then an answer sheet will be given. The answers will be modeled and drilled

Time phrases snap game! (10-20 minutes) • Aim is to reinforce Ss knowledge of preposition

The class will be divided into two groups called "morning" and "evening", then the classroom room will be arranged morning people will sit on the left line while the evening sits on the right, then a different set of flashcards will be given to the Ss and the instruction " you and your friend will put one card at the same time, if they match you say snap! first one to say it gets a point" A brief demo will take place, notes will be taken to be brought up in a delayed error correction.

Chose the correct preposition ask them to your friends then form sentences (8-10 minutes) • Aim is to get Ss to use the TL in productive exercise

Students will chose the correct preposition upon hearing " Chose the correct preposition" then the instruction; "Make questions with these phrases" and then "stand-up please and ask these question to your friends don’t stop before getting two "yes" for each question and write your friends names here" and then they will be instructed to make sentences with them "by giving a demo" to make sentences about the info they gathered. I will monitor and will end the class after a delayed error correction.

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