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language lesson A DEMO
E.C lvl 12 level


in this lesson I'm going to teach grammar (the present perfect and continuous) through a text based presentation manner.


Abc course book

Main Aims

  • Ss will get know the difference between the present prefect and the present perfect continuous.

Subsidiary Aims

  • at the end of the lesson Ss will be able to use the present perfect and the present perfect continuous in the conversation.


lead-in (3 minutes) • to refresh Ss background

- ask the Ss what do they do lately in their lives.

set the context • to give Ss some information about the Text

- tell the Ss some what is the text about.

encourage prediction • to generate prediction and get some ideas about the text

- draw a thinking bubble on the board and name it (ideas) - Elicit some ideas from Ss and write them on the board

Listening task 1 (10 minutes) • to develop Ss listening skill

- ask Ss to listen and identify in each dialogue where has s/he been or what has s/he been doing. - ask Ss to listen to it again and tell the time periods were mentioned.

Notice TL (10 minutes) • to extract the TL from the Text

- ask Ss to indicate the TL (have/has been , have/has been v+ing) - make Ss to write the sentences of what they hear.

Focus on the MPF of the TL (10 minutes) • to deliver the TL

MEANING - explain the difference and the meaning of present prefect and the present prefect continuous - draw a time line to deliver the meaning of the TL - give two examples ( I've been teaching English for a year , I've taught English for lots of students) PRONOUNCIATION - show Ss how we pronounce 've - pronounce it with a clear voice and make repeat after you. FORM - Highlight the form of the TL CCQs - ask them when do we use the present perfect - ask them when do we use the present perfect continuous

controlled practice (5 minutes) • to give Ss the opportunity to practice accuracy

- ask Ss to answer the EX. A (complete) in the book p99 - ask Ss to check their answers in pairs - provide them wih the key answers

freer practice (20 minutes) • to make Ss practice fluency

- ask Ss to work in pairs and act like friends haven't been met in while and ask each other about things they have been doing for a month - and then ask them to switch with another person and tell him/her the information they have gathered

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