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Speaking activities in class
TSL teachers level


In this workshop teachers will discuss different ways of making speaking interesting in the class


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Main Aims

  • To revise different types of speaking activities and forms of fdbk

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give teachers some new ideas for warm-ups and production stages


Warmer (15-20 minutes) • To engage

1) play a crossword game 2) Teachers make a story using pictures. They work in groups of 3. Then everyone gets a new partner and shares their story with them

Test #1 (13-15 minutes) • To gauge teachers' prior knowledge of the subject

1) answer the questions individually When we have speaking activities during the lesson?/ What are the aims?/ Are they alwayss the same?/ When and how to give fdbk 2) paircheck

Teach (8-10 minutes) • To clarify the answers to the first test stage

Elicit from teachers and clarify some moments e.g. types of tasks, elicit how they give instructions

Test #2 (13-15 minutes) • Check teachers understand where and how to use different activities

1) regroup them using pens 2) Didcuss from the HO or Walk around the room and read the description of the activities. Discuss with which lvl and during which stage of the lesson it could be applied. They can make any necessary changes. Get fdbk from some of them

Free practice (20-25 minutes) • To provide teachers with free practice of planning the production stage

1) Teachers work in groups of 3 and plan a warm-up and production stages for 1 of the lessons from American English File (grammar and vocab) 2) Present your ideas for the group and get fdbk from the group

Overall fdbk and questions (8-10 minutes) • To clarify some moments

Teachers ask questions that they r interested in

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