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This EFL lesson plan is designed around a short film commissioned by the British department store Jhan Lewis and directed by some such and the theme of Christmas. In the lesson students learn vocabulary related to Christmas, talk about Christmas, predict film story and discuss ways of showing people they are loved and cared by watching a short film. Language level: Pre-Intermediate(A2), Intermediate(B1) Learner type: Teens and adults Time: 90 min Activity: Predicting a film story, watching a short film, speaking and writing Topic: Christmas Language: vocabulary related to Christmas, deduction related functions Materials: Short film, Handouts, Realia, PPT file.


Abc Short film

Main Aims

  • 1- To provide the context of Christmas, to teach some vocabulary which revolves around Christmas and practice them in a real situation. 2- To pay attention and take care of the elderly who are left alone.

Subsidiary Aims

  • 1- To know about Christmas and other similar events such as persian New year, their customes and traditions. 2- To increase the ability of prediction and imagination by providing ss clues with photos and film. 3- To builed up students' self confidence by using pair work and group work activities.


Lead in (7-8 minutes) • To give ss a clue of the lesson

Ask ss to stand up and walk around the class to look at some pictures related to Christmas. Write " The man on the moon " on the board explain that it refers to legends in many cultures in which an old man lives on the moon. Ask ss : Do we have the same idea or the legend in our culture? Ask them folowing questions? 1- What does he look like? 2-How do you think the old man feels? 3-What does he do all day?

Feed back (2-3 minutes) • To get feed back on the questions by eliciting ideas.

Get feed back from the whole class and give them some cards with following questions: 1- Can you show me a face or feeling of an old man like this? 2- What do you do if you are in another planet? 3- What do you think about all day and night?

Show time (2-3 minutes) • To watch the film untill 00:55

Tell ss they are going to watch a short film titled the man on the moon in which they see this old man and a young girl. As they watch the first part of the film they should compare their answers in the previous step with what they see in the film, show film till 00:55

speaking (6-8 minutes) • Get ss to share answers based on the film

Pair ss and get them to compare their answers, elicit or explain the answers: -What does he look like? he's tall and thin, He's got white hair and wrinkled skin. -How do you think the old man feels? He seems to feel sad and lonely. -What does he do all day? He looks at the planet earth all day. Give them a handout or card with the following questions: 1- When you are sad, how does your face change? 2- What do you do when you are alone for a long time?

Plot prediction (5-8 minutes) • To get ss to predict the story of the next part of the film . They start to share their ideas about the present before the old man opened it.

Ask ss what they think the little girl is going to do - show the next part of the film -Put ss into small group and ask them to discuss what they think the itty bitty girl's present to the old man is - stop the video

Writing (8-10 minutes) • Give them time for suggesting and writing some presents

Give each ss a handout which includes two columns, one for presents and the other for their advantages. Hold a planery session to vote on the best present for the old man discuss the advantages of each gift in their groups.

Feed back (2-3 minutes) • To get feed back from the whole class about presents.

-Get feed back from ss -write some of them on the board

Show time (2-3 minutes) • To figure out what will happen next

Tell ss they are going to watch the rest of the film and see the present and how the old man uses it - show the film till 01:54.

Rewarding the students (1-2 minutes) • To give ss some gifts.

Give them a real present if they said the true answer

Speaking (8-10 minutes)

Put ss into small groups and ask them to discuss the following questions: Use PPT for showing questions: 1)Do you think a telescope is a good present for the old man? 2)How does the film make you feel? 3)Does the film have a message?

Show time (6-8 minutes) • To watch the last part of the film and share their ideas.

- Show the film until 01:56 when the caption "Show someone they're loved this Christmas" appears. -Put them into pairs and ask them to come up with as many different ways as they could to show a member of their family, a freind or a stranger they're loved this Christmas, but it can not involve buying a present.

Reflection (3-5 minutes) • To ask ss if they agree with the message and dufferent ways of sharing love

- Pause at the caption "Show someone they're loved this Christmas " - Ask ss if they agree with the message - Elicit their ideas

speaking (4-5 minutes) • Give ss a chance to talk about ways of loving eachother

- Hold a plenary session on different ways of showing people they're loved

Homework (3-5 minutes) • To assign homework on the topic

Give them an assignment titled " Christmas is coming" and explain each part of that

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