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upper-Intermediate level


in this lesson student gets the chance to work on their listening skills. the lesson start with a discussion about generations and their proprieties. Then students are given time to decide which things in the provided handout give generation their identities. Then they listen a lecture related to the topic and answers two gist questions. Upon completing them students are asked to answer 2 questions which requires listening for detailed information. Upon completing them students has to decide which sentences are true or false. The lesson ends after a productive activity in which they talk about their generations and things that define them.


Abc Hand-out

Main Aims

  • The main of the lesson is get Ss to practice their listening skills.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Sub-aim of the lesson is the get ss to practice their speaking skills.


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • aim of the stage is to set the context for the rest of the lesson and to create interest in the topic.

I will start the lesson by writing the statement "every generation and every child is the product of their time`" on the board and I will ask students what they think about this statement. Upon getting some ideas I will move on to the next stage.

Rank the list in order of importance. (5-7 minutes) • Aim of this stage is to get ss to think about the topic before making them listen the recording, thus raising interest.

I will provide the Ss with a list and I will give the Instruction "work in pairs and decide which of these things give a generation their identity and rank them in order of importance" Students will work in pairs and decide and they will rank the list in order of importance. Group work will raise stt and will provide students a chance to brainstorm about the topic.

Gist listening (5-6 minutes) • to get students familiarized with recording

Students will be asked to answer two gist questions written on the handout, first one "what do you think he is talking about?" and "where do you think he is talking?" there will be an WC discussion for this part in order to clarify Ss are clear about the content of the recording.

Listening for specific information (7-10 minutes) • Aim is to get Ss to listen for specific information.

in this stage Students will listen to the recording again and this they will be given a handout which involves 2 questions which requires a good deal of understanding in order to answer students will answer the questions individually and then they will compare their answers with their peers. When they are done with the peer check there will be an open class feedback. The instruction for this stage: `listen and answer the questions`

Listening for specific information #2 (7-10 minutes) • Aim is get ss to practice their listening skills further.

In this stage students will read 6 statements about the recording and they will be asked to "listen and decided if these sentences are true or false". Students decide if this statements are true or false individually and then they will check their answer with their friends. I will nominate students to give their answers.

Post-listening task (5-7 minutes) • Aim of this stage get Ss to produce and practice the ideas raised by recording.

During this stage students will be provided with 2 topics related to the context and they will be asked to discuss these topic in their groups in order to get them use the language related to topic while speaking.

Delayed error correction (3-5 minutes) • Aim is to correct the mistakes made by the students.

During this stage I will write a couple of sentences on board formed by the Ss during the production stage and I will ask Ss to correct the mistakes in the sentences.

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