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TP6 - Ole Vinsten Pedersen
Pre-Intermidiate level


This lesson focuses on emphatic stress in the context of restaurants.. First we set the topic with a picture, and then narrow the context with a small task related to the picture. MFP the TL and then some practice. We end with a role play.


Abc HO1
Abc Appendix 4
Abc Appendix 3
Abc Appendix 2
Abc Appendix 1

Main Aims

  • Emphatic stress

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking


Lead in (2-5 minutes) • Set topic

Ss will look at appendix 1 T makes pairs and asks them to talk about what’s different about the 2 waiters. They have 1 minute - Will you write? (No) - How long? (1 minute) WCFB Remind Ss of ‘Rude’ and ‘Polite’. Inci taught them Which waiter is rude and which is polite? Praise

Building Context (1-2 minutes) • To build context

Project appendix 2 Ask Ss if it’s a rude, a polite or a sentence with no feelings. WCFB Praise

Presentation - Meaning (6-8 minutes) • To understand the meaning of the TL

Keep appendix 2 on the WB Divide the Ss into groups. Ask Ss to talk in groups about how we can change the sentence to be rude or polite, without changing any words. You have 2 minutes - Will you talk in pairs? (No) - How long? (2 minutes) WCFB Praise

Presentation - Form (5-7 minutes) • To understand how we change meaning with intonation

Project appendix 3 Show Ss how emotion can be put into a sentence by changing intonation.

Presentation - Pronounciation (1-3 minutes) • To practice pronounciation

Drill the sentences Praise

Controlled Practice (5-8 minutes) • To practice using TL

Pair Ss and ask them to practice asking and answering the Q&A’s on HO1 with changing intonation. - Will you work alone? (No) - You will change…? (Intonation) Monitor closely WCFB Praise

Production (15-20 minutes) • Make a role play using TL

Divide Ss into groups of 3. Have them make and practice a short role play with a happy, sad and an indifferent person (waiter, chef, customer etc.) in a restaurant. The role plays should not be longer than 30 seconds each. (Look at the time to decide how much time they have to plan. - Happy, sad and….? (No feeling) - How long should the role play be? (30 seconds) - Will everyone act? (Yes) Monitor closely Ss perform their plays WCFB Praise Project appendix 4 Ask Ss that how we say things are just as important as what we say See you next time.

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