Mostafa Rahimi Mostafa Rahimi

Reading Demo 2
junior level


Demonstration of a full teaching of reading based on ESA.


Abc Family and Friends 4
Abc Shadow puppet theater
Abc Papers and doors

Main Aims

  • To understand the story and reproduce a new one based on the sample.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Teaching vocabulary and structures of the text and activating students.


Engagement (3-4 minutes) • To get the students ready for reading the text and giving them a sense of the general story.

-Teacher asks students to talk about theater in pairs, what they know? and have they ever gone to theater or not? (2min) ICQs : Are going to talk about cinema? No. How much time do you have? (2min) -Teacher do an open class activity to give feedback. (1min) -Teacher play a shadow puppet theater for students and asks one of students read story . (1min)

Study (6-8 minutes) • To read the text and understand the concept and details of the text.

-Teacher unblocks the blocking words through MECDIBLE. (skin//screen //shadow) -Teacher shows two summaries and asks students to read the text fast and find which summary is for this reading. (gist) GFQ: The theater started thousands of years ago; puppets are made from skins and There is a person that make the puppets move and also does the speaking in a dark place.(True) The theater started Thousands of years ago; puppets are made from woods and There is a person that make the puppets move and another person does the speaking in a dark place.(False) ICQs:Are you going to tell the summary? No. Are you going to choose the summary? Yse. Are you going to read fast? Yes. How much time do you have? 2min. -Teacher asks students to check their answers in pairs then in an open class activity for giving feedback. -Teacher shows one part of the reading, students scan it then answer to two questions. DFQs : They are available on part 4 of book. ICQs : Are you going to read the text then answer? Yes. Are you going to read line by line? Yes. Can you say why was question false or true? No. -Teacher gives students feedback throughout they are answering.

Activation (8-10 minutes) • To get the students use the learned language.

CP:Teacher asks students to answer questions of DFQs with true or false. Semi: Teacher asks two students to come to the board and after other students read the reading and answer questions, this two students must ring the bell, the person who rings faster say why it was true or false?(3min) ICQs : when I read the sentence then Are you going to ring the bell? Yes. Who can answer to the question? The person who rings the bell faster. Freer :Teacher divide the class to 3 groups and each group pick one topic. Topics are some conversation about past that students had it with each other. E.g first conversation you had. They talk about it and remember that for each other. (3min) -Teacher asks one group to come and tell their conversation with puppets and shadow puppet theater then teacher gives feedback to them. (2min) ICQs :what are going to speak about? Last /first conversation Are going to remember it for each other? Yes. Are you going to remember your conversation or somebody else? Our conversation

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